Price For Unlocking All Overwatch Anniversary Content: Over 50,000 Credits

Overwatch's Anniversary content is going to set you back...

The price for unlocking all Overwatch Anniversary skins, sprays, voice lines and emotes is going to be set way higher than all previous Overwatch events.

According to reddit user Desks_up on the Overwatch subreddit, the total cost for unlocking all anniversary content is over 56,475 credits. That’s much more than the earlier Uprising event, which required players to have banked 36,825 credits to get all the new loot, and still more than the previous most expensive Year of the Rooster event from last February at 37,050 credits.

While most players go into these Overwatch events having saved up a stack of credits to unlock their preferred items, the prices on individual items is so much higher than usual that even level 600+ Overwatch veterans are having trouble coming up with the scratch.

The reason for the sky-high prices seem to be the lack of several item types that were included in prior events, such as less costly “epic” skins and victory poses. Since every Legendary skin is priced at 3000 credits and there are 11 skins up for grabs, this immediately puts the cost of skins alone at the average price tag of all prior events.

via Forbes

There are two options to try and get this price down before the event ends. First, players will naturally obtain Anniversary loot boxes during the event which will all have a chance to drop Anniversary items. Playing Arcade mode games will also allow players to unlock more loot boxes than mere leveling on its own. The second option is for players to use real cash to outright buy Anniversary boxes, but the return on that investment might not be to everyone’s liking. Since loot box drops are determined at random, it’s entirely possible for players to unlock 100 boxes and get 3 or 4 duplicate skins rather than one of each.

Ultimately, the only sure way of getting exactly what you want is to pony up the dough, and with prices the way they are you might have to be content with whatever items you can afford before the Anniversary event is over.

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