The Overwatch Anniversary Event Has Begun, Here Are All The Swanky New Skins

Overwatch is celebrating its third anniversary with a new event, which introduces unique skins, emotes, and more.

It’s hard to believe that Overwatch is already celebrating its third anniversary. Our little hero shooter has grown up so fast. It’s only been two weeks since the Overwatch Archives event ended, and now Blizzard is gifting its fans once again with more skins and emotes to gussy up their favourite characters with the Overwatch Anniversary event. 

So, what skins have they rolled out for the third year of Overwatch’s existence? Let’s take a look:

First, let’s start with a skin that’s absolute hot fire. Winston’s Gargoyle skin may be the best skin that the monkey scientist has ever had. The broken horn, the glowing eyes, the cool spikes on his hands and feet - it’s basically perfect. Even if you don’t play Winston, this is may be the best skin of the entire Anniversary event.

Now, let’s go from cool to sort of creepy. D.Va’s Academy skin dresses her up in a school girl outfit because apparently, Blizzard thought there weren’t enough weird pictures of her on Deviantart already, and the world needed more. In fact, Jeff Kaplan declared that this would be the skin that will “break the internet," so yeah, creepy fan art is definitely the intention here. Her mech actually looks kind of cool with it’s bright pink and white color scheme. It's just too bad that it’s attached to a skin designed to appeal to a very specific fetish.

Roadhog’s Toxic skin is cool and all, but it also raises all kinds of strange questions. Like, is that toxic waste or some kind of acid in that helmet? Also, has Roadhog’s head basically melted away leaving only a skull behind? If that’s the case, how is he still able to hook and shoot people in the face and why does he have such a weirdly shaped skull? It figures that the skin that should give us the clearest view of Roadhog’s face is the most confusing skin of all.

Wearing what looks like a waitress outfit from a 1950s’ style diner, this is probably the most sexualized that the cryogenics expert has ever been. Don’t get it twisted, she does look good. It’s just kind of an odd outfit for her, especially considering that her whole schtick is ice and freezing people, and we probably wouldn’t recommend wearing this if there was even a slight breeze outside.

Next up is Pharah, wearing what is probably supposed to a space suit variation of her usual outfit. Yet, it really just looks like she’s wearing a shower cap. It definitely looks cooler with the helmet on, because without it she just looks like someone who doesn’t want to get her hair wet.

Brigitte’s Riot Police skin is neat, although the idea that riot police should get giant clubs that can flail and whip people is probably not the best idea.

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Then, of course, there are some Epic skins for Pharah, Doomfist, Widowmaker, and Sombra. D.Va even gets a pretty nice purple one, for players who don’t want to feel icky about their D.Va skins.

There’s also new dance emotes for the characters that have been added into the game since last year’s Anniversary event. Baptiste gets a nice Haitian Konya dance complete with finger guns, while Ashe gets a line dance that’s reminiscent of McCree’s similar (and kind of better) dance emote.

However, the real winner is Wrecking Ball, with Hammond break dancing up a storm on top on of his mech. Look at him go! He's like a little hamster b-boy.  Alongside Winston, it seems like the anthropomorphic characters got all of the cool stuff for this anniversary.

Also, of course, like last year’s anniversary event, all skins, emotes, sprays, victory poses, and highlight videos from all previous events are available to unlock or buy. If somehow you haven’t yet jumped on the Overwatch bandwagon, you can try the game for free between today and May 28.

The event runs from today until June 10, so if you’re looking for some new skins, now’s the time to play some Overwatch.

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