New Overwatch Archives Puts Tracer In Charge Of An Important Mission

Information about the next Overwatch Archives event has finally come out, and it sounds pretty exciting.

Overwatch has a lot of lore and story that often isn’t present in the game itself. Blizzard has made several animated shorts that show off the backstory of the beloved characters. While these are always excellent and give us a deeper look into the world of Overwatch, every battle in the game is considered non-canon. Which makes sense, considering characters like Tracer and Widowmaker wouldn’t work together given their history.

That’s why many anticipate the annual Archives event. It tells a story by taking four particular heroes, and placing them in a PVE scenario that goes into the history of Overwatch. Last year's event told the story of a Blackwatch mission gone wrong, with Reaper going rogue and killing a key figure in the Talon organization.

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The tweet above hints that this year's event will star Tracer, who will lead Mercy, Genji, and Winston through an operation called Storm Rising, this year's Archives title. They'll be tasked with taking down Maximilien, the accountant of Overwatch villain Doomfist. By doing so, they can dig into his financial history to finally take him down for good.

This teaser video also includes a transmission sent to Commander Morrison AKA Soldier: 76 from a character named Sojourn. This is presumably an Overwatch agent, and possibly even a future character to be added in the future

It's rumored that the event will take place in Havana, Cuba, and in terms of the story takes place after the Uprising Archives event. Recently the Overwatch Public Test Region (PTR) updated to show Havana on one of the travel posters. A fictional newspaper also has articles that talk about a crooked rum business in Havana, as well as an upcoming hurricane.

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Previous Archives events have come with unique skins, emotes, sprays, victory poses and highlight videos to unlock. None of the skins or extra unlockables have been shown by Blizzard yet, but they're likely to debut on their Twitter account shortly before the event starts. It's also likely that previous years' Archives PVE modes will be available to play again as well.

Overwatch continues to roll along, with the Overwatch League still doing big numbers, and new characters and maps being added in regularly. If you were looking for an excuse to dive back into the team shooter, this year's event will start on April 16th and will run all the way to May 6th.

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