Overwatch: 10 Tips To Overcoming A Bastion Comp

Most Overwatch players are not a fan of “cheese comps,” which are team compositions that require less effort or “cheap” tactics to ensure victory. The comp that seems to change and iterate with each new patch is the Bastion comp, which now includes the titular hero, Orisa and Baptiste.

There are some variations and mix-ups among this composition, but those are the three integral members. With Double Barrier being a must-pick in Overwatch competitive, players are scrambling to try and overcome this meta and its variations. Here are some tips you need to know for countering a Bastion comp.

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10 Counter Bastion With Ana

Ana is the best support hero to use against Bastion. Bastion’s large hitbox allows Ana to land Sleep Darts effectively. Her Biotic Grenade prevents Bastion’s Self Repair from being effective along with healing from support heroes. That would be the perfect moment to focus down the Bastion.

While Ana is an important for countering Bastion, the team needs to make sure she is protected. A push is good as dead if Ana isn’t there to disable the enemy heals. Ana players should also be conscious of their cooldowns, as well. Don’t be ashamed to use Grenade for the team and not the Bastion.

9 Have A Defensive Support Ultimate

Whenever the enemy team unleashes team wipes like Bastion Tank, Meteor Strike or Gravitic Flux, Lucio’s Sound Barrier is great for mitigating intense damage and saving the team. Zenyatta’s Transcendence is great for defending against team wipes and damage amplification ultimates and abilities, i.e. Mercy Damage Boost, Amplification Matrix or Supercharger.

Zenyatta’s Orb of Discord is great for deleting tanks and Bastion when they are open and vulnerable. He can also provide extra damage to barriers. Lucio can Speed Boost his team either around the Bastion comp (depending on the map), or try to push the Bastion comp out of position. While Lucio’s Soundwave can’t move Sentry Mode Bastion, he can move supports or tanks out of position.

8 Target The Healers

While Bastion is the central part of this comp, the healers make sure he survives. Baptiste and Mercy are the preferred healers in a Bastion comp. They are both squishy targets, so high impact damage dealers like Doomfist, Genji or Pharah are effective.

Baptiste provides insane healing output with his grenades and Regenerative Burst. The strongest ability in his kit, Immortality Field, is key for this comp as well; it prevents the Orisa and Bastion from dying immediately when vulnerable. Amplification Matrix dramatically increases the Bastion and Orisa’s damage output – they wouldn’t even need to use their ultimates.

Mercy is handy for damage boosting Bastion and providing supplementary healing for the team whenever someone gets into trouble. Valkyrie is great for increasing the entire team’s damage output, and providing some temporary evasion for the healer.

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7 Double Barrier

Many players groan at the idea of running a mirror comp, especially the preferred Season 18 meta: Double Barrier. However, a double barrier helps protect the team from Bastion’s high damage output. The enemy team would also have no choice but to focus on the double barrier while any potential flankers try to attack the backline.

Orisa and Sigma are the preferred tanks for Double Barrier. One can substitute one or the other for Reinhardt, but his barrier isn’t as versatile as Sigma’s nor as replenishable as Orisa’s. Unlike Sigma and Orisa, Reinhardt does not have a way to mitigate Bastion’s Sentry Mode damage.

6 A Note About Snipers

Snipers can be hit or miss against Bastion comps. Sure, a Widowmaker can hook shot a healer or double-tap the Orisa, but if there is a Sigma, they probably won’t be getting any shots. Widowmaker can try to circumvent the shields, but that demands a lot of positioning from her and for her team. The team would have to rally in a way to have the complete attention of the enemy.

Ashe’s Dynamite is immediately mitigated by healing, and Bob gets completely shut down by shield’s and intense damage. Hanzo is good at breaking barriers and can headshot squishy healers. His Dragonstrike can also push the Bastion comp out of position or pick off a support.

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5 Dive Damage Heroes

While Dive heroes have fallen a little more to the wayside in favor of mirror comps, they can still be effective. Their primary purpose would be to dispatch healers before focusing down the Bastion, other Damage hero and tanks.

Doomfist is the ideal hero since he can displace targets and put them down in a combo. He can also get disengage easily with Rocket Punch or Seismic Slam. Genji is also an option but usually deterred due to the likes of Sigma. Unlike Doomfist, he cannot knock targets out of Immortality Field or disable movements temporarily.

Winston isn’t as effective due to his low barrier health and lack of defensive abilities. D.VA can delete projectiles and bullets with Defense Matrix, but her time-to-kill isn’t as fast as Doomfist or Genji’s. She can dive alongside the Damage hero, however. Wrecking Ball is a great option for knocking enemies out of position, killing healers and disengaging easily.

4 Mei’s Ice Wall

Mei’s Ice Wall is a great way to displace Bastion from the rest of his team. If one can aim it correctly, they can lift the Bastion into the air and make him vulnerable to incoming damage or crowd control. Roadhog Hook, Sleep Dart – it doesn’t matter; disable Bastion quickly to put him out of commission at least. This is also the prime opportunity to focus him down via a sniper, McCree or damage from tanks.

Sometimes it doesn’t work out perfectly, and the Mei put it in front of the comp instead of under it. That’s okay, too. Use the opportunity to get around or behind the composition. They either need to break the wall quick or reposition themselves.

3 Orisa Pull and Roadhog Hook

This was the meta before Sigma was released. An Orisa can use her Halt to grab targets preferably in the air. The Roadhog player then deploys their hook to grab a target, pull them towards the team and eliminate them. It’s a simple strategy that can easily stall the Bastion comp and open up for a push.

Now, if the enemy is running an Orisa and Roadhog, too, the player’s team will be susceptible to this tactic, as well.

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2 Distract The Bastion, Split The Team’s Attention

This is the most important thing about strategizing against the Bastion comp. Since the comp is centered around Bastion and ensuring that he keeps putting out damage, he needs to be distracted in order to open up a push.

One or two teammates would go and harass the backline while the tanks and one healer will push the choke. It will force the team to either reposition or deal with one problem or the other. Most of the time, they cannot do both.

One thing to note about this strategy is that it is map dependent. While it works better on maps like Paris, Oasis or Watchpoint: Gibraltar. For maps like Eichenwalde or Junkertown, flanking routes aren’t as accessible due to the visible chokepoint; teams would have to be more direct and focus on barrier break. When the Bastion comp dismantles, however, keep splitting the team’s attention.

1 A Note About Sombra

This is a general truth about Sombra: she is most effective when there is team coordination. A damage player is better off not running Sombra if their team is scrambled and unfocused. Coordination is key when trying to dismantle a Bastion comp.

When running Sombra, try to hack Bastion out of his Sentry Mode so they lose their key source of damage. If the Bastion’s hitbox is obscured, try and hack one of the tanks so they lose either a barrier source or create an ult battery for EMP. Stay in invisibility when the Bastion comp dismantles to take out a weak healer or tank.

EMP wipes away the barriers and disables the entire team’s abilities. That is the perfect time for a team wipe or push in general.

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