Overwatch: 5 Of The Best Halloween Skins (& 5 Worst)

Halloween is truly an exciting time of year for video games. Developers’ creative freedoms are truly tested as characters and locations are transformed into ghoulish counterparts. Overwatch is no exception, considering every year brings a new host of Halloween-themed skins for the heroes.

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Halloween Terror arguably has the best selection of skins in the game, most of them being fascinating or drop-dead stunning. Naturally, there are going to be some misses, as well. Before the new Halloween Terror event drops on Overwatch, here are the best and worst Halloween skins so far!

10 BEST: Van Helsing McCree

Man, there is a lot of great things to pick apart about this skin. Gotta love the long hair McCree is rocking, really suits him. There are so many Gothic and Victorian-lite details from the silver-plated designs to the silver bullets adorned across his torso. His wooden vampire-slaying Peacekeeper looks arcane and ancient in an awesome way.

It’s great that Blizzard kept McCree’s poncho as a bandana peeking from his coat. It’s inherently McCree despite being a big iteration on his overall design. Also, who can deny that amazing demonic arm? That looks like a story in itself!

9 WORST: Immortal Soldier: 76

The biggest offense about this skin is how bland it is. There is no color variation at all. It’s just pasty guy in a red suit with black boots and gloves. What’s worst is the splotches of black around his eyes to convey that he’s undead? Even though he’s supposed to be immortal?

Was Blizzard trying to go for a demonic vibe with the symbol on his back, or a vampire-vibe? Considering this skin predated Dracula Reaper, one can assume it was supposed to be vampire-like. But then why release a Symmetra Halloween skin that’s literally called Vampire?

8 BEST: Dragon Symmetra

Honestly, Blizzard set the bar high with this skin. When Halloween Terrors 2017 was released, this was one of the best skins in the game. Symmetra was transformed into a draconic summoner, complete with a new set of voicelines akin to Witch Mercy and Viking Torbjorn.

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Symmetra’s skirt is a pair of dragon wings joined by hooked ends, arguably one of the best parts of the skin. She has horns, her hair is a pointed dragon tail and the arm-length gauntlet she wears resembles a dragon’s claw. The community loved her gun, which looked like something out of a horror movie. A 10/10 must-have skin.

7 WORST: Bride Sombra

This was a weird decision. Sombra does seem fitting to make the bride of Frankenstein. She’s sassy and wants to be treated like a queen. However, when seeing the skin applied to her, it just seems odd? The hairstyle is a no (like some other skin we know). The dress is and bandages are alright, and the gun has an interesting and electric aesthetic – it doesn’t save the skin, unfortunately.

The only part of her skin that makes sense with the character is the personality and the stylized neural implants. Also, why does Junkenstein’s monster need a bride? He’s barely even aware of himself.

6 BEST: Cultist Zenyatta

This skin dethroned Witch Mercy as the must-have skin of the event. The virtuous Zenyatta became an agent of chaos and madness. Like other skins, he came complete with his own unique voiceline pack referencing “nothingness,” “madness” and creepy omnipresence.

The zealot dons a black and purple hooded robes and shackles around his wrists and ankles. His orbs have arcane etchings and green eyeballs. The Cultist’s purple cephalopodic body is the best part and biggest draw; writhing tentacles flex on his ghastly face, very reminiscent of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos. Absolutely brilliant.

5 WORST: Tombstone Bastion

Like most of the epic skins on this list, Tombstone Bastion doesn’t deliver much. It does strike an appeal with the R.I.P. etched into his chest, the tombstone shoulders and Ganymede being a crow. But tiny details shouldn’t be the draw of a skin; it should strive to be interesting as a whole.

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Sadly, this skin doesn’t look too much different from the standard Bastion skin. The purple eye glow is a nice touch, but there should be some extra details. How about decaying foliage, or even some grave flowers sticking from some part of his body? Think Blizzard, think. Make people want this skin!

4 BEST: Banshee Moira

There is a great duality about this skin like Moira herself. There are frills and visible tears in her outfit. Gaelic designs are present on her body and the machine on her back (which mimics a lantern). Snakes grasp Moira’s left hand, which makes the golden gun look amazing.

The Banshee was a restrained spirit who was freed from her captivity, as evidenced by the shackles around her ankles. Her marked face and long hair really solidify the creepy atmosphere of the skin. The only regret with the skin is the lack of new voicelines. A shame, but that does not make the skin any less good.

3 WORST: Pumpkin Mei

The skin fails at its core, unfortunately. The only appeal it has is in its extraneous designs. Pumpkin Snowball is cute. Her pumpkin hairpin is adorable. But people don’t pick skins just for Snowball or hairpins. They come for Mei – the majority of the skin.

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As a rare skin, it keeps the skeleton of Mei’s common skin while iterating on some details. While it makes sense to give Mei a pumpkin skin, it just seems… awkward in a way? The pumpkin face on her chest is crooked, and it just feels flat. There’s nothing exciting or interesting like McCree’s Undead skin, who has a skeleton bandana and glowing eyes. Mei could’ve had leaves sprouting somewhere or vines maybe poking out of her head for fun. She’s a character that doesn’t mind being quirky and having fun. Missed opportunity.

2 BEST: Witch Mercy

This was everyone’s favorite Overwatch skin from Year 1. The benevolent Angela Ziegler became a calculating and evil sorceress. Witch Mercy had much personality and many interesting designs for this skin.

For starters, she is, of course, sporting a simple witch hat while keeping her signature bangs. Her staff became a broom with jagged edges on the end. Magic circles appear when using either healing or damage boosting beams. The dress itself is intricately designed with tans, oranges, and deep yellows; don’t discount those classic Witch shoes, too! This skin is also a must-have for any Overwatch fan.

1 WORST: Spider Widowmaker

The intent with this skin was there. It’s just overdone. Blizzard tried giving Widowmaker a creepy visage by making her purple outfit… more purple with a strong presence of black.

While her pale complexion, blackened eyes, and spider-legged visor are great additions to sell her spider theme, what ultimately defeats the skin is the amount of spider web patterns on it. The leggings are fine, but they should take it away from the helm. It’s not the worst skin out there, but compared to other epic skins, it’s overdressed for the occasion.

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