New Overwatch Lore Confirms Soldier 76 Is Gay, And Chose His Mission Over His Relationship

New Overwatch Lore Confirms Soldier 76 Is Gay, And Chose His Mission Over His Relationship

Overwatch’s latest short story confirms that Soldier 76 is totally gay, but couldn’t balance a relationship with his duties as a soldier.

Two years after Overwatch lead writer Michael Chu revealed that Tracer was a lesbian in the comic Reflections, Chu once again pulls a big reveal with Soldier 76’s orientation.

Surprise! He’s gay.

In the short story Bastet, Soldier 76 (who once went by Jack Morrison) teams up with Ana to bring justice to Cairo. Most of the story is just reminiscing on old times and doesn’t really tell us much of anything new, like how Ana lost her eye in a sniper duel with Widowmaker. But at one point, Ana pulls out a bunch of old photos of Jack and a mysterious black-haired man that is definitely not Gabe (aka Reaper).

His name is Vincent, and Ana asks if Soldier 76 had “kept a candle lit” for him. Jack shoots back that he’s aware that Vincent is happily married and he’s happy for his happiness. Everyone’s happy.

Except for Jack. Apparently, he couldn’t get the work/relationship balance right and wound up choosing his career as a soldier over his love life. It happens, but look on the bright side: if he’d chosen Vincent we wouldn’t have a curmudgeonly old soldier to play as in Blizzard’s online shooter.

In case there was any ambiguity, Michael Chu tweeted out that yes, Soldier 76 is gay and nothing else.


Will this mean we’ll get a somewhat more fabulous Soldier 76 skin for this year’s gay pride season? Hopefully. Soldier 76 in drag would be hilarious.

While it’s neat that Soldier 76 is Overwatch’s second gay character after Tracer, what’s far more controversial is the fact that Ana is now canonically a furry after donning the titular Bastet mask at the end of the story. You get a sneak peek of the new skin right at the end, in all her cat-eared and whisker-faced glory.

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