Overwatch: New Doomfist Tease From Blizzard

Overwatch has released another tease for the anticipated hero Doomfist, suggesting they may be coming to the game shortly.

Blizzard's immensely popular multiplayer shooter Overwatch is known for its diverse cast of characters. Over the past year, Blizzard has released three free additional characters that have helped expand the gameplay variety and the lore of the Overwatch universe. Earlier today, Blizzard released an article from the Times of Numbani (a fictional newspaper) that could be the start of teasing the next hero.

For months, fans have been trying to find as many hints and clues as possible to find out when a character named Doomfist will be released. Blizzard has dropped many hints in the past, but with this news story from the Times of Numbani releasing, Doomfist could be coming to Overwatch very soon.

via: Game Informer

The map of Numbani is home to the lore surrounding Doomfist, and slight modifications to the area have been slowly building hype for his eventual release. In an update around the time of Orisa's addition to the roster, Numbani's payload and starting spawn room changed dramatically. The payload held a very powerful Doomfist gauntlet, but after the update, it was stolen. Along with the stolen gauntlet, the attacking spawn room (an airport terminal) was completely destroyed, with Omnic robots bashed into the walls and floor.

The Times of Numbani piece has revealed more details on the destruction of Numbani. This destruction was a security breach of the Helix Security's maximum security location for the Talon terrorist organization (consisting of Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra) to free Akande Ogundimu, also known as Doomfist. After over a dozen Helix security agents were killed by Reaper, Ogundimu managed to escape the facility, destroying several OR-15 Omnic Robots along the way, and finally claiming the gauntlet.

via: Game Informer

For most fans of Overwatch, Doomfist coming soon is great news. Looking back on Orisa's release earlier this year, there was a lore-building article released on February 21 with Orisa entering the test servers two weeks later on March 2. This could also be like Sombra's release, with an animated short and same-day release. Regardless, this is great news that will soon add even more variety to a fantastic shooter. Now that Doomfist is starting to be revealed, hopefully Blizzard confirms that he will be voiced by Terry Crews, who has been very open to doing the role.


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