Overwatch: How to Play As Doomfist - Best Tips & Strategies

Doomfist is here, and while we’re all very disappointed that he’s not being voiced by Terry Crews, he’s still a fantastic new addition to the Overwatch roster.

The origin of Doomfist is a dark and sordid tale. Akande Ogundimu was born into a wealthy Nigerian family before losing his arm during the Omnic Crisis. Although his family was able to afford him the best prosthetics available, he vowed revenge against the Omnics from that day forward. Later, he joined Talon and adopted the codename of Doomfist.

Eventually losing in a fight against Overwatch (in which Winston proved instrumental), he spent years behind bars. Later, the forces of Talon (namely Reaper, Widowmaker, and Sombra) would bust him loose where he would continue his reign of terror with his iconic gauntlet.

Doomfist is still on the PTR for now, but he’ll make the leap to the general population soon, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for his arrival. Here are some of the best tips and strategies for playing as Doomfist.

Get In Close

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There’s a running theme when it comes to Doomfist, and that is he’s a close range brawler. All of Doomfist’s abilities rely on being in your enemy’s face to do real damage.

Let’s start with his basic attack, the Hand Cannon. Doomfist’s left hand is basically a shotgun, and like a shotgun the closer you are the more damage you deal. On top of that, all of Doomfist’s abilities (barring his ultimate) are relatively short range, forcing you to get inside the enemy’s comfort zone (and maybe even your own).

Once Doomfist gets in close, though, he can tear through a team like a hot knife through butter. His "Rocket Punch" ability can one-shot any non-tank character if he slams them into a wall, and even a glancing blow will often be enough to finish off your opponent once "Rocket Punch" gets you in close.

Use Your Abilities To Get Around

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Considering how close you need to be in order to be effective, it’s a good thing Doomfist has a ton of abilities that help him get around the battlefield.

First, and most obviously, is his signature "Rocket Punch." By holding your alt fire button you charge up your fist, and a fully charged punch will travel 20 meters, helping you close gaps. It also has a tiny four-second cooldown, so it can be spammed to get to the front line faster.

Even better than "Rocket Punch" are the combination of "Rising Uppercut" and "Seismic Slam." "Rising Uppercut" will remind you of Ryu’s Shoryuken ability, uppercutting foes away while taking Doomfist high into the air. "Seismic Slam" is an ability that causes Doomfist to leap forward and slam the ground, but the higher he is when he initiates the slam determines how far he’ll leap. Start off with a "Rising Uppercut" and then follow up with a "Seismic Slam" to leap on top of buildings.

Combo Your Abilities

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Much like his mobility, Doomfist relies on combining moves to keep opponents off-balance and deal massive damage.

For example, you can start with a "Rising Uppercut", and then follow it up with a "Rocket Punch" into a nearby wall. Or start with a "Seismic Slam" to get in close, and then "Rising Uppercut" to avoid any retaliatory strikes. Follow that up with a few blasts from your Hand Cannon, and there are very few heroes who could survive that much damage.

But perhaps the best combo for Doomfist is with other players. Orisa’s ability to knock players around or Ana’s ability to put them to sleep combo fantastically with Doomfist’s "Rocket Punch". Best of all, a well-timed Zarya ult. can combo with Doomfist’s ultimate, "Meteor Strike", to wipe out entire teams.

Know When To Commit, and When To Back Off

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Doomfist can be deadly, but his strength as a brawler is also a terrible weakness. He may be able to dive in to start dealing damage, but if he’s spotted too early he can easily be picked off by snipers or ranged attackers.

Complicating this equation is Doomfist’s passive ability. Called “The Best Defense”, Doomfist gains shields for every enemy he strikes. For every basic ability he lands he gains 30 shields, and for every foe struck by "Meteor Strike", he gains 75 shields, up to a maximum of 150. This brings his total health pool to 400 - the same as many of Overwatch’s tanks.


But you have to hit your enemy to get the benefit, so playing Doomfist is all about making sure every engagement allows you to hit enough enemies with your abilities to survive their counterstrike. A team that’s all grouped up is ripe for the pickings with Doomfist.

Heroes To Engage

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Doomfist's damage abilities make him a great counter-pick to tank heavy compositions since most tanks can’t kill Doomfist as he gets in close. Supports are also easy pickings for Doomfist as they have a hard time disengaging and fall quickly to his massive attacks. Any character that needs time to set up defenses, like Torbjörn or Symmetra, are also ideal targets.

Heroes to Avoid

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Sombra is death to Doomfist, as a single hack will take away all of his abilities and leave him with a pathetic finger gun. Pharah is also a real problem as it can be really hard to get in close when your opponent flies. Tracer and Genji can be hard to engage for their extreme mobility, and any sniper or long ranged character, like Hanzo or Soldier 76, can pick Doomfist off before he gets close.

These are just some things to keep in mind when playing as Overwatch's Doomfist - have you had a chance to try these tips out?

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