New Overwatch Map Set In South Korea Is Coming Soon (And D.Va Gets A Pixar-Quality Short Film)

Blizzard has announced new details about an upcoming control map for Overwatch which will be set in South Korea.

Blizzard has announced new details about an upcoming control map for Overwatch which will be set in South Korea.

The announcement happened during Blizzard's 2018 Gamescom conference, along with the broadcast of the long-awaited D.Va animated short, called "Shooting Star", which shows her protecting her homeland from an attack by flying droids. This video gives us a first-hand look at how famous D.Va is in South Korea and how she deals with that fame in her personal life.

The new control map is set in Busan, South Korea, and features numerous references to D.Va, as she is a celebrity in her homeland. The debut video for the Busan map can be seen below.

The Busan map is set around three different locations; the Sanctuary, Downtown, and the MEKA Base. The players will have to battle across these three distinct regions in order to maintain control over the city.

The Sanctuary area of the map is set around an ancient temple, while the Downtown district is a more modern city, where you will see flashing billboards adorning the buildings. The Downtown district will feature nightclubs and arcades as the battleground, while the MEKA Base is a more office-like location, which will also contain the yard where several mechs are kept, as well as what appears to be D.Va's personal office.

Overwatch is a hugely popular game in South Korea, which is helped by the fact that one of the most popular heroes in the game is also a native of the country. The first Overwatch World Cup was won by the South Korean team, who defeated Canada in the final bout, so it's clear that there is a lot of love for Overwatch in the country.

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It was only a matter of time before Blizzard represented the country with a level, as there are other levels in Overwatch that are set in countries that are already represented by prominent heroes and villains from the story.

The Busan control map for Overwatch will be "coming soon" to the full version of the game according to Blizzard. The Busan map will be available in the Public Test Region starting today.

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