Overwatch: The 10 Easiest Heroes For Beginners

Let's be honest: Overwatch isn’t the toughest game out there. But for new players, there is a significant learning curve, and the large selection of heroes—one that’s growing pretty much every other month—can make choosing a main almost impossible. Thankfully, some heroes are easier to learn than others, and beginners might want to choose someone a little more forgiving than difficult heroes like Sombra or Zarya. We’ve made this easier for you by compiling the 10 easiest heroes for Overwatch beginners to try when getting their bearings in the popular multiplayer game.

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10 Soldier: 76

Soldier: 76 is a perfect gateway to Overwatch for players who are used to more traditional FPS games like Call of Duty. He basically plays like a traditional first-person shooter avatar: he can run, shoot his rifle, fire a powerful burst shot, and heal himself. For new players who aren’t used to relying on healers, the ability to stay alive in the heat of battle is crucial, and Soldier: 76 is among the most self-sufficient heroes in the game. For those who are just getting used to Overwatch, Soldier is a smart pick.

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9 Brigitte

Shield bash, flail, repeat. Brigitte has gained a lot of heat for being overpowered, leading Blizzard to nerf her repeatedly. Put simply, Brigitte is a powerful hero with a relatively simple playstyle, and her shield can make avoiding damage and pile-driving enemy teams a breeze. She’s ranked as an easy hero by the Overwatch team, and it’s easy to see why—her flail requires little to no aim, and her healing ability doesn’t require much precision, either. For those who are looking for a relatively easy-to-use healer, Brigitte is a good choice.

8 Reinhardt

Like Brigitte, Reinhardt doesn’t rely on aim to land damage on his opponents. He basically just swings his gigantic hammer, and the rest is history. His charge does require a little bit of aim, as well as a whole lot of luck, but for the most part, Reinhardt is best used for his shield, which can protect teammates as they push the opposing team back. Playing Reinhardt is a great way to help the team without requiring much skill, and teammates will likely thank players for playing a tank rather than just another DPS unit—especially if they're still getting used to the game.

7 Moira

Moira isn’t the easiest healer out there, but, compared to more complicated picks like Ana and Zenyatta, she’s pretty simple. Her biotic grasp latches onto nearby enemies without much aim required, meaning she can deal significant damage with very little coordination. Her healing abilities do ask for a little more skill, but lobbing a biotic orb across the room can help a team or hurt enemies significantly with very little effort on the part of the player. Moira makes it easy for players to become a thorn in the other team’s side while also helping teammates to succeed in taking the point or defending the payload.

6 Reaper

With his recent buff which increases the amount of health he regains with every successful shot, Reaper is a natural choice for those wanting to play DPS without too much in the way of skill and aim. He’s one of the most powerful characters in the game when used correctly, and his dual shotguns coupled with his ability to escape combat quickly with his wraith form makes it easy to get some damage in before retreating back behind the team’s defenses. In general, it’s a good idea to practice before choosing a DPS, as a team relies on them to deal significant damage. Still, Reaper is one of the most forgiving picks for new players.

5 D.Va

Another easy-to-learn tank is D.Va, the South Korean gamer-turned-mecha pilot. There's a reason she's so popular among players of all types. While her guns don’t do too much damage, she also doesn’t have to recharge — and, like Reaper, her boosters make it easy to escape combat quickly and heal herself. Her defense matrix can be a little trickier to master, but the ability to nullify damage and protect her teammates make D.Va a useful pick for those hoping to gain their team’s favor. Like other tanks such as Winston, D.Va is better used as a supportive hero than a damage dealer, but, when used correctly, D.Va can be a game changer.

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4 Mercy

Possibly the easiest healer to use in the game, Mercy doesn’t have to worry about doing too much damage—though some do choose to play a battle Mercy and more power to them. For your first few games, it’s better to simply focus on healing and boosting damage for teammates, and Mercy’s relatively powerful healing make her an excellent choice for a healer. Generally, most players prefer to play a DPS hero rather than a healer, so choosing Mercy is especially helpful for teams with inexperienced players. Players who master her will soon be playing more difficult heroes like Zenyatta and Lucio.

3 Junkrat

As Junkrat always says, aiming is overrated. One of the most powerful heroes in the game based on sheer damage done, Junkrat’s grenades are extremely potent, and often shooting randomly will land a hit on at least one of the other team’s heroes. His mines can propel him to higher ground, giving players a significant advantage, and a well-placed trap can make heroes like Tracer much less of a nuisance. One of the most forgiving damage heroes in the game, Junkrat is easy to use but difficult to master—meaning players will have to put in lots of hours to reach his full potential. Thankfully, he’s an absolute blast to play.

2 Winston

Tank heroes are, in general, pretty tough to take down, meaning that a mistake or two from a new player often won’t mean an instant death the way it might for weaker heroes like Tracer. Winston’s tesla cannon has lots of range and can dispose of pesky heroes like Genji easily, and his barrier, while weaker than those of Orisa or Reinhardt, can help protect teammates from sniper shots or attacks from heroes like Soldier or Pharah. Leaping into battle with Winston’s jump pack can be nerve-wracking, but with a supportive team behind him, it can be extremely satisfying.

1 Bastion

Possibly the easiest hero to use in the game, Bastion is extremely powerful in its sentry form, and can take out an entire team if they’re not careful—there’s a reason it gets so many play-of-the-game highlights. While a more experienced team can dispose of an enemy Bastion fairly easily, new players matching with amateur teams will likely get lots of mileage out of Bastion’s high damage and mobility in his recon form. Hide behind an Orisa and Reinhardt, and he can make the enemy team completely unable to move forward; climb on top of a moving payload and watch the other team’s heroes fall like dominoes. Bastion may not have longevity for experienced players, but for newbies, he’s hard to beat.

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