Overwatch Gets A Permanent 50% Price Drop

For the five people who still somehow don't own Overwatch, Blizzard's got you covered. The developer and publisher announced today that the game will be permanently dropping in price, with the Standard Edition's rate being cut in half. The move is a sensible one for a game approaching its third year, although some speculate it might have more to do with the rise of free-to-play giants.

Overwatch's Standard Edition will now sell for $19.99, down from its previous $39.99. The Legendary Edition, which still comes with special skins as well as new benefits for other Blizzard titles like World Of Warcraft, is getting a $20 price drop. Now it will be $39.99, down from $59.99.

via: playstation.com

It's important to note that this price drop only applies to the PC version at the moment. Retail stores still have the console versions of Overwatch listed at $59.99. Those do go on sale frequently, however, with 2018 Black Friday prices as low as $17. Still, those are temporary sales, and the Blizzard-mandated permanent price drop seems to only be for PC gamers.

This price drop for a specific market leads many to believe that Blizzard now feels a need to compete with the growing free-to-play market. Of course there's the dominance of a certain battle royale game-that-must-not-be-named to consider. But there's also a recent trend of paid PC games going free-to-play in an effort to revitalize. Longtime esports favorite CS:GO did it, and Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 experimented with a weeklong free trial for all platforms.

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Among this talk of free-to-play, says Dexerto are rumors that the Overwatch player base is shrinking. It seems that the occasional new hero isn't enough to keep players as active as they once were. This price drop could very well be Blizzard's way of reaching out to new players with hopes that they'll breathe new life into the game.

What do you think? Are you one of the few holdouts who hasn't bought Overwatch yet? Does the new price do anything for you? Veterans: does the idea of new players excite you? Or is going free-to-play the only way to ensure Overwatch stays healthy for another three years?

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