Overwatch: 7 Heroes To Play Against Doomfist

Last week, Doomfist was revealed as the newest character coming to Overwatch. As with Orisa earlier this year, Doomfist is being tested in the Public Test Realm (PTR) on PC so when he is “properly” released, he will be as balanced as possible. A lot of players are already getting a lot of experience as Doomfist, and if you are interested in playing as him, check out our Doomfist guide. Not everyone is going to want to (or get a chance to) play as the newest character, so here are some heroes that play well against Doomfist.


Before we get started, let's take a quick look at Doomfist himself. His primary fire is a mini-shotgun from his hand, which is complemented by a suite of melee abilities/cooldowns, which give him temporary shield boosts. He is great at flanking the enemy and targeting specific heroes.

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7 Torbjörn

Via: Blizzard

In the Overwatch community, it seems like Torbjörn is the last pick for just about everything other than Roadhog, but a case can be made for him. Since Doomfist is likely to get in close on the team, a well-placed turret can force him to retreat sooner than he would like to. It can pick him out of the sky during his Rising Uppercut and can chip away at any shields he might have gained. Also, Torbjörn can hide behind his turret so he does get as affected by the Seismic Slam or the Rocket Punch.

6 Symmetra

via: Blizzard

Symmetra's turrets are great for preventing enemies from reaching a certain area (just make sure you kill the other team's Winston). Turrets are great at shutting down flanking routes, forcing Doomfist to charge through the middle of the battlefield. Her Shield Generator can buff her entire team for 75 shield health, essentially canceling out Doomfist's temporary shield boosts.

5 Zarya

via: Blizzard

Zarya is great at defending herself in almost any situation. Her Particle Barrier prevents any damage, which is a great counter to moves like the Rocket Punch and Doomfist's ultimate ability, the Meteor Strike. Of course, she can use these barriers on her teammates as well, so an aware Zarya player can help counter a lot of Doomfist's damage. Her Graviton Surge is also getting a slight buff in the latest patch that prevents movement abilities from being used (like Junkrat's Steel Trap), so if Doomfist is caught in it, he can't use his abilities to run away.

4 Orisa

via: Blizzard

When Orisa was first released, the reception was pretty lukewarm. Now that Doomfist is coming into play, however, her abilities seem more useful. Her Fortify prevents enemies from affecting her movement while also taking half damage, so the Rocket Punch, Seismic Slam, and Rising Uppercut are essentially useless. Her "Halt!" ability can also pull Doomfist in any direction, making punching foes a lot harder.

3 Pharah

Since Doomfist is primarily melee focused, a great counter is being highly mobile and long-ranged, which fits perfectly with Pharah. Unless Doomfist uses Rising Uppercut off of high ground, he won't be able to reach her in most situations, so he would have to use his mini-shotgun. Pharah can shoot rockets from a long distance, so she doesn't have to put herself in harm's way to deal with him. Plus, her Concussive Blast will mess up his combo instantly.

2 McCree

via: Blizzard

While being mobile isn't his strong suit, McCree is built specifically for dealing with close range flankers. If Doomfist closes in on him or an ally, McCree can throw his Flashbang to stop him right in his tracks. In the PTR, the Flashbang is getting a slight buff as well as "[slowing] targets significantly when they are stunned. This makes them less likely to slide away around a corner or something similar once they are stunned."

1 Sombra

via: Blizzard

Sombra's hacking ability is a nightmare for Doomfist players. Every single melee ability Doomfist has is attached to a cooldown, so if he is hacked, all he can do is use his mini-shotgun. Along with making Doomfist completely useless, Sombra's EMP immediately removes all shield health, so if Doomfist had any temporary shields built up, they vanish in an instant.

Recently, competitive Overwatch has had a problem with too many teams looking exactly the same. With Doomfist being a very fun and promising character, team compositions will increase in variety just because of the types of counters that can be used.


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