Overwatch: 19 Hidden Things Super Fans Still Haven’t Found

Overwatch has taken the world by storm, as not only is it one of the most influential video games in years, but it’s made such a huge impact in the gaming industry. You can’t help but fall in love with how colorful, engaging, and overall fun this game truly is. This game offers a huge range of characters, modes, and maps, as there’s so much to explore even in a fast paced competitive game. There are so many little details people will probably miss, which is why we wanted to gather up every single small detail you’ve likely missed so you can really appreciate the hard work and beauty that has been put into this game. This list has all the little secrets you’ve been craving when it comes to Overwatch, as even the super fans haven’t been able to find them yet!

From the lore of the characters to the maps, all the information in the game can sometimes be overwhelming. The last thing we want to do is overwhelm you which is why this list lays out the groundwork for you. Maybe if you know these details you’ll know what to look for when finding more secrets in the future. Overall, these secrets will blow your mind, you might not even know what to do with yourself. But one thing is for sure, you’ll probably want to end up playing this game for the next few days, even if it’s just because you want to see if you can spot the secrets for yourself.

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19 The Strange Voice Lines

via playoverwatch.com

Voice lines are a huge part of what makes a character come to life. It can really bring fresh personality to each and every character on the game roster. Can you imagine if the characters didn’t speak? It would be so boring and dull!

Voice lines are meant to be memorable, but sometimes we would like to forget the weird ones.

There are some pretty strange voice lines, such as Reaper hinting at something being stored in the fridge, when saying "It's in the refrigerator." WHAT?

18 The Purpose Of The Payload

Via: Tumblr.com

It’s pretty safe to say that every little detail in the game has a purpose and represents something of importance. However, did you know that the payload actually has quite a bit purpose as well? Each Escort map has a payload vehicle you have to guard because it usually is holding something of great importance that relates to the specific map that it’s on. For example, on Eichenwalde, you're transporting a ram that will be use to knock down a massive door!

17 The Big Telescope!

Via: Twitter.com

Did you know that in one of the spawn rooms for Lunar Colony map, there is actually a very big telescope that you can interact with so you can see the Earth in the distance. It’s actually very cool to see how you can interact with items like this that some people might not even pay attention to, but it also adds to the story for many of the characters that were involved here like Winston and, now, Wrecking Ball. Maybe they’ll add more characters from space to the game as well!

16 Blasts From The Past

Via: kotaku.com.au

If you’ve ever played the game, you’ll know right away that there are tons of references hidden in every single corner of the game. From the voice lines to the maps you play the game on, they are literally everywhere you look! However, some might stand out to those who happened to play old games that Blizzard made themselves! Such as The Lost Vikings, which you can see on many of the arcade machines in the starting areas of the game.

15 The Heart Touching Memorial

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

There are also some very heart warming memorials as well within the map environments in Overwatch. Blizzard chose to do this to honor those in their community that they love and will dearly miss.

There was a Chinese student that passed away before he could play the game, so Blizzard put his name in the game on the Lost Colony map and it is honestly pretty terrific that they did this for him. Blizzard is known to care for their fans and this proves it.

14 The Theory Of Athena

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

There has been a huge theory floating around in the Overwatch universe. It’s about Athena, a robot that’s sleek and is basically a god. We somewhat doubt this would happen because how would she even be balanced into the game with all of the other characters? Despite that, some people are still entertaining the idea, constantly trying to fit her into the game one way or another. Who knows, maybe the devs will listen and create her in the game just because she’s been all over the community already.

13 Zenyatta Is Young?!

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

When you think of Zenyatta, that floating robot that always has something peaceful to say, you would probably assume that he’s been around quite a bit to be that wise, but would you believe us if we told you he’s in his 20s. Yes, you heard that right, he’s just in his twenties and he already is that wise. Some people don’t even act like that when they’re old, but he’s floating around basically with the meaning of life right behind his ears? Sometimes life just doesn’t make sense.

12 The Inclusion Of Irvine

via Reddit.com

Blizzard loves to put little easter eggs into every single corner of their games. They had to include Irvine (where Blizzard headquarters are located) in the game somehow, most notably on the sign of flights on the map of Numbani. It’s the only flight that is delayed and it stands out quite a bit.

Of course, Blizzard had to give themselves a little shout out!

There is no Irvine in the actual game in terms of maps, which is why it’s obvious they’re just putting it on the flight board because the Blizzard Headquarters are located in Irvine, California.

11 The Story Of The Tank

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

Bastion is either a character you hate or one you love. He actually went through many changes before the game was officially released. He even had cannons at one point as his main weapon, along with a power that would allow him to shoot through walls. How OP would that have been if they let him keep those powers?! No thanks. We think people would probably just have given up and quit the game! We’re glad he’s much more balanced, even though some people would disagree.

10 Famous Fans Galore

via polygon.com

Overwatch has been such a huge success, that here are some seriously famous fans we know and love. Not many celebrities are open about their game playing habits, but there are some that we know about such as Terry Crews and even T-Pain as well. There are many others as well that have really been inspired by the game and even incorporate some aspects of easter eggs from the game into their own big production projects as well. Talk about impressive.

9 Genji’s Awesome Bedroom

Via: reddit.com

When you play a game on the Nepal map, it’s very easy to tell right away that this map is basically dedicated to the story of Zenyatta and where he spent most of his time when he was studying and meditating. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s actually home for Genji as well. You can even find his room if you pay attention. After he fought with his brother, he decided to find peace and mindfulness in Nepal and it seemed to help him quite a bit.

8 Giant Dancing Robots?

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

Another map detail you’ll notice occurs when you play on Volskaya Industries. If you look into the distance way beyond the map, there are actually a handful of giant robots and if you look long enough you’ll see one single robot dancing THE ROBOT! It’s actually very cute and his moves are on point! This fact has been around for quite a while, but it’s still interesting nonetheless, plus many haven’t even been able to catch him dancing in the heat of battle.

7 TV References!

Via Youtube.com

Not only are there a ton of pop culture and game references in the game throughout all the maps and characters, there are also TV references as well. Such as a nod to King Of The Hill with a propane store on Route 66. Some of the hints and easter eggs throughout the environments you play on are from much older movies and shows, but they’re still cool to find anyway, even if we didn’t grow up watching shows from the 60s.

6 Blizzard Employees?

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

There are also tons of details and little nods to the creators of the game, such as putting their last names on the lockers in the game. It’s something you could easily just glance over and not even register, but, these names are the names of the dev team

They’ve always been super kind to everyone around them, even to their competition in the gaming industry.

We love that they make you look super hard to realize where they've placed their little references.

5 Diablo Is Everywhere!

via team-dignitas.net

Have you caught all the fiery references in Overwatch that belong to the game Diablo, one of Blizzard’s other big franchises? There are posters all over the place, even for an imaginary hot sauce named after Diablo himself. There are many nods to the game series if you look hard enough in the Route 66 map’s diner, one of the starting zones for the team. Always be sure to keep an eye out, so you can catch all the fun little surprises.

4 Hearthstone Too

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

One of the more obvious nods to one of their other franchises would have to be the Hearthstone screens all over the maps, as almost every map has one at least somewhere on a little tablet or computer. They’re so cute and they really add even more detail to an already detailed game experience. Can you imagine if they made it so you could play the card game in Overwatch? Talk about totally meta. Even though that probably won't happen, we can still dream.

3 And... Of Course Starcraft

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

There are also signs representing the Blizzard franchise Starcraft as well! From the arcade that players will spawn in when playing on the Hanamura map to even including mounted aliens just like in the game as well. There are probably many more references that are so easy to miss, which is why we want to hear from you. What Starcraft references have you been able to find in the game, especially since they happen to be a bit more rare?

2 Lastly, What Would It Be Without Warcraft

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

One of the biggest games in the industry, especially in the MMORPG market, what would Overwatch be without a mention of World of Warcraft? The MMORPG is one of the biggest games in the industry and Overwatch isn’t that far behind, it’s no wonder that they’ve made the two crossover the way they have. There are so many easter eggs from World of Warcraft, it would be impossible to list them all in this article, which is why you’ll have to keep an eye open yourself.

1 The Biggest Secret Of All

Via: Tumblr.com/tagged/overwatch

There is a small hidden detail on the Route 66 map that might take you by surprise. It’s a magazine in an outhouse and the magazine features Symmetra posing. If you can catch our drift, you might realize why this has taken so many people back.

This one is honestly a little weird and we’re not quite sure where they were going with that!

Especially now that Symmetra is updated, it even brings more humor into it...if you’re like 13 years old.

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