Overwatch League Unveils Its 2019 Role Stars

With the 2019 season for the Overwatch League came the addition of three new awards season categories.  One of those new additions were the "Role Stars." This category touted the best of the best Overwatch League had to offer. The four best players at each role (Damage, Tank, Support) would be chosen as Role Stars and be celebrated for being the best of their positions. They were announced during the season play-ins over the weekend.


Corey - Washington Justice: The Hanzo specialist that could single-handedly destroy the enemy team. He helped turn one of the worst teams in the league into a stage 4 juggernaut.

Dding - Shanghai Dragons: Justice rained from above when Dding pulled out the Pharah. He helped lead the Dragons to the stage 3 championship and completing one of the greatest turnarounds in Overwatch history.

Haksal - Vancouver Titans: There was nowhere to hide when Haksal whipped out the Genji blade. Defeat was inevitable.

Sinaatra - San Francisco Shock: The MVP front runner. The chosen one. When Sinaatra locked you in his sights, you got ready to be sent back to spawn.

The surprising pick for this group of players has to be Corey from the Washington Justice. Yes, Corey had an incredible stage 4 when it came to the 2-2-2 role lock, but he was quiet for the majority of the season. Damage dealers didn't have a lot of time to shine in the first three stages but the other selections made their presence felt regardless.

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Choihyobin - San Francisco Shock: The unsung hero of the Shock. His D.Va play is some of the best the league has ever seen.

Guxue - Hangzhou Spark: The Primal Rage machine that couldn't be stopped. Guxue is an unstoppable force for the Spark and the biggest reason for their success.

Mano - New York Excelsior: Mano has been a pillar of strong play throughout the first two seasons of the Overwatch League. Jjonak may be the face of the NYXL, but Mano is the piece that keeps things running smoothly.

Super - San Francisco Shock: The Earth-shatter king. Once Super presses Q, time for you to regroup at spawn and get ready for another beating from the Shock's insane front line.

The most notable absence of the tank line has to be MVP candidate - Jjanu. The Vancouver Titans off-tank has been a steady force for the team all season and one of the most underrated players (despite being an MVP candidate) in the league. Mano is a fantastic main-tank for the NYXL, but his inclusion on this list over Jjanu leaves some questions.


IDK - Hangzhou Spark: I don't know what you are talking about, but his Lúcio was a steady force all season for the 4th ranked Hangzhou Spark.

Kariv - Los Angeles Valiant:  You will get some nice rest when Kariv rolls out the gates with Ana. One of the backbones of the LA Valiant.

Moth - San Francisco Shock: Tasked with keeping three other Role Stars alive, Moth was the heartbeat of the dominate Shock all season.

Twilight - Vancouver Titans:  2019's Jjonak, his impactful support play all season helped the Titans to the best record in the league and a prime position to go deep into the season playoffs.

Jjonak - 2018 Overwatch League MVP was left off the list for support players, but the four chosen had a phenomenal year overall. Kariv came on fire in the second half of the season and was a key component in the late-season run for the LA Valiant. 

The San Francisco Shock boast the most talent with four occupied spots, and it's easy to see why. The Shock have been a force to be reckoned with the entire season and the favorite to win the Grand Finals. The 2019 Role Stars is loaded with insane talent throughout the 12 spots and it's an exciting award to celebrate the player's achievements throughout the season.

Source: overwatchleague.com

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