Toronto Defiant Part Ways With Head Coach

The Toronto Defiant took to Twitter last night to announce they will no longer continue the season with their head coach. Beoumjun "Bishop" Lee will no longer be head coach of the Defiant. Instead, the remaining coaches will be taking over with his departure. This news comes after another shaky week of play for the Toronto Defiant. They went 1-1 in week two of stage 4. Based on the wording and tone of the tweet, it can be speculated that the decision was not necessarily mutual and the Defiant took it upon themselves to relieve Bishop of his head coaching duties.

The Defiant looked like they were going to be able to salvage what was left of their season heading into stage 4. In week two they upset the Stage 3 Champions Shanghai Dragons and ended their losing streak in the process.  The new roster additions seemed to be paying off, and while the likelihood of the Defiant making the playoffs was almost impossible, they could look to build momentum heading into next season.

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The Toronto Defiant are a frustrating team. They started off well before struggling in the middle of the season. A completely revamped roster made their debut and even though they kept losing, the team synergy was being built. They had the makings of a solid team, especially in the 2-2-2 role lock meta. While they have begun to look better overall, the team just can't quite seem to gain any momentum. They allowed a struggling Fusion team to come back and take them in five maps in their most recent match. The Toronto Defiant don't seem to be able to play to their potential, leading many to question why that is.

Obviously something was going on at the upper levels of the organization to prompt the sudden change to the coaching staff. With the release of their head coach, the Toronto Defiant seem to be looking towards next season already. That isn't necessarily a bad thing since this season is all but gone at this point. The coaching shakeup and subsequent search for new head coach will hopefully turn out to be a positive for the Toronto Defiant as they figure out how to play their potential and build for the 2020 season ahead.

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