Overwatch League's First Seven Professional Teams Revealed

The first seven teams for the Overwatch League have finally been revealed. Nate Nanzer, the Commissioner of the Overwatch League, announced the seven city-based teams and each team's owner. There are a total of five USA based teams, one team from China, and one team from South Korea. Additionally, a post on the Overwatch League’s website explained some of the details on how the tournaments will run.


Overwatch is the highly successful and wildly popular online, team-based, first-person shooter from Blizzard Entertainment. It is well known for its smooth and exciting gameplay as well as its diverse and instantly recognizable cast of characters. Now, a little over a year after the game first launched, it is finally joining the world of esports.

According to the Overwatch website, anyone with a Master rank or higher can assemble a team to participate in the Open Division. However, Nate Nanzer's announcement only encompassed the first city based teams.

Each professional Overwatch city-based team is paired with an individual or corporation that will run them. The Boston, USA team is owned by Robert Kraft the CEO and Chairman of The Kraft Group and New England Patriots. The New York, USA team is run by Jeff Wilpon who is the Cofounder of Sterling. Andy Miller claims the Miami-Orlando, USA team and is the Founder and chairman of NRG Esports. Noah Whinston, the CEO of the Immortals, leads the San Francisco, USA team. The Los Angeles, USA team has Ben Spoont, the CEO and cofounder of Misfits, overseeing them. Kevin Chou, the Cofounder of Kabam, has control over the Seoul, South Korea team. Finally, the Shanghai, China team is run, not by one person, but by the Chinese internet technology company NetEase. These are just the first seven teams and more will be announced in the coming months.


Because of logistics, Season 1's regular matches will be held in the Los Angeles esports arena. However, all of the teams can oversee their own local, amateur events. They each have license to run up to five of these events. Although they are only amateur events, they are meant to compliment Open Division tournament. Additionally, games will run every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday once the season starts. However, there is still no word on the exact date or how to purchase tickets to the events.

The game has changed since various patches and the introduction of Doomfist. He who was teased since the game first started back in 2016. For more updates on Overwatch and video game news be sure to follow our news page.

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