Overwatch/Lego Crossover: How To Get The Lego Bastion Skin

With the announcement of "Bastion's Brick Challenge," the Lego/Overwatch crossover we all wanted is here.

Lego has finally made it's way into Overwatch. Since the collaboration with Lego and Overwatch that saw fan favorite characters become those iconic blocks, fans were left wondering if the Lego aesthetic would be coming to the actual game in some form. With the announcement of "Bastion's Brick Challenge," the Lego/Overwatch crossover we all wanted is here, along with the chance at a sweet Lego-themed Bastion skin. What is this crossover all about and how can you get the Bastion skin? Let's take a closer look.

Bastion's Brick Challenge is a mini-event that allows players the chance to get a sweet Lego-themed Bastion skin to rock while breaking through those ridiculous double shields. The challenge consists of various tiers that allow you to receive different items by winning games. Simply win the allotted amount of games before the end of the event and you can be sporting the new skin for the rest of your Overwatch playing days.

Bastion's Brick Challenge will be going on until September 30th so there will be plenty of time to get the skin, but you will need to win nine games. That should be relatively easy, as the games can be a variety of wins in either quick-play, competitive, or arcade mode. Whatever way you choose to play the game, you have a chance to win the items.

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The Bastion skin isn't the only prize available, though. If you win three games you will receive two new player icons (Bastion-based). If you win six total games, you will also get two sweet sprays - Mercy and Pharah - and of course getting to nine wins gets you the Lego-themed Bastion Skin.

On top of the in-game challenges, you can watch Twitch streamers for a chance at receiving even more Lego-themed items for the game. Once you connect your Blizzard and Twitch accounts, you can watch select streamers and get more sprays and player icons based on how many hours you watch. If you watch up to six hours from the list of eligible streamers, the items will be available to you once you get back into your game. Here are the complete details of everything you can get.

Bastion's Brick Challenge is only here until September 30th and once it's gone, you can no longer get the Lego-themed Bastion skin... so get those nine wins before it's too late.

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