London Spitfire Get Aero-Inspired Winston Skin To Celebrate Their Overwatch League Championship Season

The London Spitfire made history last year when they became the inaugural season champions of the Overwatch League. Their run was the stuff of legends, getting hot at the right time and making their way through the season playoffs in dominant fashion. They will forever be remembered as the original champions of the Overwatch League and Overwatch has decided to celebrate that achievement with a custom skin for Winston. Sticking with the name of the team, Winston is decked out in an aero-inspired skin called the "Flying Ace."

Earlier this year, Jjonak - the inaugural season MVP - got a custom Zenyatta skin to celebrate the history making year he had. The skin is amazing and Jjonak even had a hand in designing it. It was a way to celebrate everything he had accomplished throughout that season.

This reveal left fans wondering if Spitfire's Profit would also get a custom skin. Profit won the Grand Finals MVP award and is the biggest reason for the success of the London Spitfire and their remarkable run through the season playoffs. While Profit didn't get a custom skin (I think keeping it to just MVP winner would be better) the London Spitfire got a skin to celebrate the entire team's championship win.

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These custom skins to celebrate important moments in the Overwatch League are a great idea, and an exciting and fun way to reward players and teams at the top of their game. Jjonak's skin was amazing, and the fact that he had a say in the design was incredible. The league wanted to celebrate his accomplishments and it was a fitting way to do it. The same goes for the London Spitfire. Their Winston skin will forever be part of Overwatch, and a great homage to a team that made history in becoming the first Overwatch League champions. It will be exciting to see all the custom skins in the future.

Just like the Jjonak skin, the "Flying Ace" Winston skin will only be available to purchase for a limited time, August 29th - September 16th. This is your chance to represent a championship team and even if you aren't a fan of the London Spitfire, an aero-inspired Winston skin is pretty darn cool.

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