Overwatch: 10 Mistakes Every Moira Player Makes (& How to Fix Them)

The mad scientist and Blackwatch fighter Moira is one of the most popular healers in Overwatch, especially after the nerfs to the healing gold standard, Mercy. Though Moira has her limitations to be sure, she can be an absolute powerhouse if her strengths are exploited.

Just like Moira's specialty as a scientist, there's a certain "science" behind using her the right way, that just isn't often utilized. Because of the lack of mechanical skills required, Moira's strategies boil down mostly to positioning and resourcefulness - namely balancing DPS with heals. This can be tougher than it sounds, however, with the limited resources at her disposal.

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So without further ado, let's do an examination into the scientific workings of this unique healer. We'll cover the 10 most common mistakes Moira players make - and go over how they can be fixed.

10 Poor Resource Management For Bionic Grasp

Moira can offer a tremendous amount of healing with the right execution. At the same time, she can also be rendered nearly useless rather quickly if you fail to be economical and balance your DPS and healing output. Since her Biotic Grasp healing only lasts a handful of seconds before it needs to be recharged, you'll want to heal in shorter bursts and frequently swap to Moira's purple damage beam.

If enemies are out of range for the health-sapping beam to hit its mark, you can still toss purple damage-dealing Biotic Orbs, which also helps you recharge your healing beam. Ultimately, the biggest key in playing an effective - and sometimes downright beastly - Moira is mastering that balancing act of knowing when to heal and when to swap to DPS.

9 Too Much Focus On DPS

While many who play this healer succumb to draining their healing beam too quickly, many Moiras seem to occupy the other extreme - being too DPS focused. Granted, the mad scientist can be a devastating offensive weapon at times, especially when using orbs indoors or taking on her counters like Genji.

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Yet, ultimately, Moira's main role is as a healer, and that's what you should emphasize first and foremost. Use the DPS Grasp and Orbs primarily as a means to recharge your healing, or to help finish off an already weak opponent. Trying to take out, say, a Winston or a Reaper when they're at full health is usually an exercise in futility.

8 Failing To Fade From Trouble

Similar to Mercy, Moira possesses a handy moving ability to get out of tight spots pretty quickly. While she can't fly or float away like her angelic counterpart, her Fade ability is effective in moving her around at ground level swiftly.

Those who play as this healer seem to either waste Fade at inopportune times - rendering them helpless when attacked - or will get caught up in a fight and get killed before they even have a chance to escape. Part of Moira's strengths lie in her Tracer-like speed and ability to get out of danger quickly - but her Fade move needs to be used wisely to exploit this.

7 Too Passive Against Counters

Despite the fact that Moira's main role is a potent healer, you'll want to be aware of the Heroes you're facing, and take advantage of your counters. This doesn't mean launch constant 1-on-1 assaults, but you should be more aggressive against certain players - whose makeup matches poorly with Moira's unique mechanics.

On the DPS front, Tracer and Genji are both prime targets for Moira, given their low health and swift movement which Bionic Grasp can combat effectively. But you should also look to fling damage orbs at a number of tank Heroes - specifically Reinhardt, Orisa, and Zarya - as these orbs can chip away at their barriers at a safe distance.

6 Ineffective Use Of Coalescence

The chaotic swirling beam of yellow and purple may not be quite as cool and effective as it appears, but it can make an impact if used properly. Many Moira players will opt for popping this Ult at inopportune times. Examples include - focusing on too few players, or firing it when teammates are spread around the map or already have decent health.

Since Coalescence is a single, concentrated beam that heals and deals damage, you'll want to wait for the conditions that maximize its potential. This usually means popping it at enclosed locations or chokepoints (like the bridge at Rialto for instance). You'll want to try and get as many teammates and opponents in the crossfire at once while doing so. Finally, healing should be the main priority with this move - since Coalescence's healing clocks in at 140 per second, while the damage dealt is only half of that.

5 Lack Of Biotic Orbs To Recharge Healing

The Biotic Orbs can be dicey with how slow-moving and inaccurate they are, along with their lengthy cooldown. Thus, you won't want to go too nuts with these moves. However, these orbs can and should most often be exploited as a means to charge your healing beam - as this is Moira's "ace in the hole."

Tossing a damage orb towards an enemy team when you'd otherwise be idle may not seem like much, but this poke damage can go a long way in feeding your beam. Really serious Moira players will often juggle these orbs while rocking the beams. This produces a near-constant source of power that can wreak havoc on groups of foes.

4 Not Taking Advantage Of Orbs Indoors

Though this healer's main advantages lie in her efficient Biotic Grasp move, there are times when you're better served to exploit her Biotic Orbs. Of course, launching these proves ideal for recharging your healing beam or poking foes at a distance, as we've established.

Aside from these scenarios, though, you should definitely fire the orbs when fighting indoors or enclosed locations. They'll ricochet off walls like a yellow and purple game of pinball, effectively milking their usefulness for allies and opponents. The enclosed capture points at, say, Lijiang Tower make for optimal zones to exploit this, turning Moira into a force to be reckoned with.

3 Too Closely Positioned

Even with the handy Fade move, Moira players are usually best served at the backline to offer optimal heals while your team moves a payload or makes a push onto a point. It's not so much because of Moira's vulnerability or need for cover - as is the case with Zenyatta - though her health is not great either...

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No, the reason you'll want to hang back is that this is the most effective way to heal your team, as you'll be able to cover more of them at once. Unlike Mercy who releases a constant stream of healing on one focused target, Moira's healing spray is basically an "area of effect" move which can top off an entire team in one fell swoop. This is one of Moira's biggest strengths, so take advantage!

2 Overhealing

As mentioned in a prior entry, Moira's beam will run out on players faster than they often think. A significant reason for this is a common mistake made by players of this healer, who often fail to utilize the lingering healing. What this means is that even after you have stopped spraying a teammate with the beam, they will continue to be healed overtime for a few more seconds.

This might seem like mere peanuts, but these bits do add up. Stopping your Biotic Grasp when an injured teammate is at 80% health, rather than 100% can often make a huge difference and keep you from running out of juice.

1 Not Healing Groups

It seems like all too often, Moira players will desperately scramble towards a single, isolated teammate to heal. While this is sometimes called for if the rest of the team is in good shape, you'll usually want to avoid this. What a good Moira player focuses on, instead, is healing clusters of teammates near you.

You can best achieve this by performing a quick back-and-forth swoop with Biotic Grasp in a slight arch motion. This is especially effective in choke points or when following a coordinated dive attack. Follow this up with a healing orb right through the middle of the group if they're still taking damage.

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