Unlike Apex Legends, Overwatch Is Getting A New Hero Next Week

Overwatch is finally introducing its newest hero, Baptiste, next week.

Millions of Apex Legends players are sitting around, waiting for Respawn Entertainment to finally cave in and confirm the existence of Octane or one of the nine other possible characters. However, while Apex still hasn’t unleashed any of its new champions, everyone’s other favorite hero shooter is about to drop its 30th playable character.

Baptiste was unveiled a few weeks ago and is the newest member of the support class of Overwatch characters. Blizzard just confirmed the release date of the Haitian healer: Tuesday, March 19.

He’s been available to play on the Public Test Region (PTR) for a little while, and he has a pretty interesting kit for a healer. He comes with a three-round burst rifle that also shoots healing grenades à la Ana. His abilities include a Regenerative Burst, which heals over time, and an Amplification Matrix, which, as you may suspect, amplifies projectiles that are shot through it, making them deal more damage or help with healing.

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One of Baptiste's most interesting new moves will be his Immortality Field, a device that prevents characters within it from dropping to below a certain percentage of health. Many players of Overwatch have been taken down out of nowhere by a sneaky Bastion or Torbjorn turret, so this could significantly alter the way the game plays as certain, tiresome strategies might now be easily defeated by this field. Baptiste could wind up being a game changer.

He also has jump boots -- and jump boots are always cool.

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Baptiste isn’t the only change coming to Overwatch, however. In the PTR patch that introduced Baptiste, multiple changes to other characters were also listed. There’s no confirmation on whether or not these changes will come into effect when Baptiste arrives, but the game tends to roll out new nerfs and buffs whenever a new character is added in, so it’s likely that your favorite character might feel a little different come Tuesday.

The other interesting thing to note is Baptiste’s history. In his introduction video, we discovered that he is a former member of Talon, the bad guys of the Overwatch world. Some fans have speculated that the next Archives event could be focused on the Talon organization. The fact that Overwatch added in a new support character who was once a baddie makes this theory at least somewhat plausible.

It’s pretty unlikely that Overwatch will ever draw in an audience like Apex, but it’s still a fun shooter with plenty of content. When Baptiste drops on March 19th, it might be a good time to check back in with Reaper and the gang.

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