As We Expected, Overwatch's New Hero Is Baptiste The Medic

Overwatch has unveiled a new hero, their first support character to be introduced in about a year.

Having teased medic Jean-Baptiste Augustin last week, there was little doubt that a fresh hero was on his way. And, as we all expected them to, Blizzard Entertainment revealed the new character in an origin story via YouTube this week.

The combat medic, who was described as being quite the marksman in a letter from a Talon leader, was born in Haiti, where he was orphaned during the omnic crisis. He joined a military group called the Caribbean Coalition in an effort to seek redress.

According to the story, the French hero found pride and satisfaction in helping those who couldn't help themselves, but found it difficult to adapt after the crisis ended. Talon, a mercenary group led by a band of Overwatch baddies, took him in as they quickly realized they could use his skills. However, he would later defect after getting in over his head.

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In the letter mentioned above, Talon agents claimed to be in hot pursuit, seeking to either return him to the fold or kill him for knowing too much. But, given what's shown in the origin video, we have a fair idea as to how things turned out.

"I know better than to underestimate Baptiste," the letter from D. Cuerva, a Talon squad leader, says. "I helped train him myself, and he was one of our best. I’ve never known a medic to be such a good shot, and his adaptability to new situations is a rare talent. All of us have seen our fair share of conflict, but Baptiste was built to survive. I swear he has the Devil’s own luck."

Baptiste should be introduced to the Public Test Realm (PTR) soon enough. His entire gameplay kit is likely to be revealed then, while hero cosmetics and interactions are usually added to the PTR later in development, ahead of a launch on live servers.

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