(UPDATE) Overwatch's Paris Map Could Be Coming This Week, If Anyone Cares

Update: It is now live! Go and shoot colorful guns on the streets of Paris!

The newest Overwatch map could be set to go live this week.

Despite the gaming world's latest craze that is Apex Legends, there are still many fans out there who are patiently waiting for the Paris map to be added to the game.

The map has actually been on Overwatch's Public Test Realm (PTR) for about three weeks now, which might mean a February 21st debut on consoles, having already been available on PC.

Overwatch YouTuber "Master Ian Gamer" explained the procedure for new content in a recent video. He revealed that maps and other content usually spends around three weeks on the PTR before being released to everyone.

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“Three weeks is the typical PTR cycle we see for new content,” he says in the clip. “Some remain on PTR for a little longer, or a little shorter, but three weeks is about the average.”

The Paris map was added to the PTR on January 30th, so it's pretty safe to assume that we are close to it becoming available in the game. According to Ian, the timing would actually be perfect, given that the 2019 Lunar New Year event has ended and more gamers are gravitating towards the game since the return of Overwatch League.

If Blizzard launches the new map in the same manner they did with Busan, players won't get formal notice of its addition until it's gone up on live servers.

“Additionally, when Paris first went to the PTR, we didn’t get any sort of announcements ahead of time talking about the new map,” he added. “We literally had no idea the Paris Overwatch map even existed until it hit the PTR.”

Blizzard has given no official word so far, and it is unlikely that they even do. But, the map was being tested on PC ahead of the rollout for consoles, and it's probably good to go by now.

It was expected that the map would have been ready for the beginning of Season Two of the Overwatch League, which kicked off on February 14th, but a week's wait doesn't seem all that bad.

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