Overwatch: 10 Arresting Pieces Of Officer D.Va Fan Art

In the spring of 2017, Blizzard drew hundreds and hundreds of faithful Overwatch players to Heroes of the Storm for the second Nexus Challenge, featuring Genji and D.Va. Any and all who played the twenty games asked of the challenge were offered fabulous prizes such as skins, sprays, icons, mounts, and more. Among them was the Officer D.Va skin for her Overwatch counterpart, turning everyone’s favorite mech-piloting esports star into a defender of the law – but cute!

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Naturally, the Overwatch community – known to be full of incredible artists – was all too eager to produce more content for the skin. You have the right to remain silent and in awe of some of Officer D.Va’s best fan creations.

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10 Officer D.Va

Via Jhorlie Rabara on Art Station

Even police officers have to keep their social reputations up! D.Va is still a nineteen-year-old gamer at heart, and not even an official-looking outfit can separate her from that bubbly personality we all know and love – and this artist captured that perfectly.

The post looks like it drew some inspiration from D.Va’s “Selfie” highlight intro. All it needs is an exploding police mech! However, it appears that the mech in the background of this art is unexploded. Probably for the best, considering that a vehicle exploding in the line of duty would be pretty bad.

9 Officer D.Va reporting for duty!

Officer D.Va makes a very intimidating traffic cop, if you think about it. How many people are going to be running red lights when they know a battle-ready mech is waiting around the corner for them?

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Regardless of the intimidation factor, this piece is full of bright colors and soft textures, painting a picture of a relaxing city day in the summertime. D.Va is just happy to be out doing her job, enthusiastically stopping traffic. She even gets to wear her battle stripes on-duty! I’d be happy about it too.

8 [Overwatch] Officer D.Va

This piece is simpler in style, but nonetheless drawn by a talented artist. The pose is dynamic, and the background is interesting enough to draw the eye, but it’s not so busy that it distracts from the subject of the work.

The sketchy quality gives this Officer D.Va a rough, casual look. Perhaps she’s sauntering away from the station after a hard day’s work, and going back home to play some Starcraft. Even police officers need to wind down, and no matter which skin she’s wearing, you’d be hard pressed to find a version of D.Va that doesn’t play video games.

7 Officer D.Va

There’s the explosion that was missing from before! Well, maybe not an explosion. Some bright lights, for sure. The light source in the background – whatever manner of mech-destruction or burst of sparkles it might be – gives sharp and dramatic shadows to the subject in front of it.

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D.Va strikes a pose for the camera, like she was waiting for this moment the whole time. The posters on the Hollywood map hint at her having a career as an actress – maybe she’s on set, getting ready to take down the villain of the hour. Who wouldn’t see this movie?

6 D.Va [Fanart]

Another fabulous post with a big gun, as you do when you’re a nineteen-year-old police officer with a bunny-themed badge and pink battle stripes. This particular artist’s style makes D.Va look like she’s been cut out of a comic book or cartoon, a fierce heroine ready to tackle justice.

This goes for all of the piece featured in this article, but the attention to detail in this work is tremendous. The grip on the handle of the gun, the wrinkles in the fabric, and the braid around the hat all come together to make this work much greater than the sum of its parts.

5 Officer D. Va Winks

Another cartoon-y art style, this Officer D.Va looks to be relaxing and chatting the day away. This piece also has amazing attention to detail, with the pin in her hat to keep the brim secure and the small Korean script on the shoulder badge by the bunny’s face.

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Her pink stripes are slowly fading away into her cheeks, probably indicative of a hard day’s work. Her wink and smile might mean she’s told a joke, or said something clever. Maybe she’s walking down the street or in the office, talking to an invisible friend or fellow officer. The possibilities are endless!

4 Catch you!

Definitely one of the cutest versions of Officer D.Va out there, now she means business. She’s flashing her shiny badge with a determined spark in her eye and a confident smile on her face. She’s on an investigation, or maybe an interrogation. She knows her job, and she knows she’s good at it.

One thing that would make this skin even more spectacular in-game is if it let you flash your badge at other players. It would be so official. And imagine the cheese! Oh well. At least there’s fanart to bring our dreams to life.

3 Officer D.Va Takes Her Job Very Seriously

Uh oh. Someone’s in trouble.

The running joke among Overwatch fans centered around Reaper chucking his shotguns away instead of reloading them seems to have finally caught up with the undead terrorist. Not even ghost-people are immune to the law, Reaper. And Officer D.Va is going to make you answer for your crimes against Mother Nature!

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Back to the actual art. This is simple cartoon says so much without words. The expressions transcend anything that adding dialogue could do, and even the two words that are present only serve to add to the unspoken joke in the rest of the piece. This feels like it should be in a newspaper comics section.

2 Officer D.Va

Back to the more serious versions of Officer D.Va, here we have her saluting atop her trusty police mech heroically. She looks to be promising to keep her citizens safe, or thanking other officers for their service. It’s no secret that D.Va is a big propaganda symbol in South Korea within the game’s canon. Maybe she’s recording an ad for the sake of the police officers around the country at the government’s behest. Or maybe she just likes posing boldly on her mech and taking pictures for civilians. Who knows?

1 D.Va Emergency!

This action-packed piece features a little friend! It seems Officer D.Va has caught a miniature Sombra in the act of some dastardly scheme, like to steal a single cookie from a cookie jar. Thank you for your service, ma’am.

Where to start with this art style? The post is dynamic with a lot of implied motion that brings the still image to life. Her expression and bubblegum imply so much personality. All the colors work together and make the whole image pop, bright and charming. I plead the fifth, because I’m completely speechless.

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