Overwatch: The Pros & Cons Of Playing Orisa

Pro players have every character in Overwatch down to a science, but here are a few tips for those looking to try out Orisa for the first time.

Released back in 2017, Orisa is potentially a hero that flew under your radar. Classified as a Tank, she is a quadruped robot, and, at the time of her release, she was not only new to players, but she was new to the world of Overwatch itself. An 11-year old girl who was a prodigy with robotics created Orisa from the decimated scrap of a battalion of defense robots that failed to defend the city against the villain Doomfist.

Made to be better than the refuse she was made from, Orisa was meant to protect anyone and everyone who needs it and her in-game skills reflect that. Now, in 2019, Orisa has received some adjustments. With that in mind, here are five pros and five cons to playing this hero.

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10 Pro: The Fusion Driver Can Perform Headshots

Orisa’s main weapon is the Fusion Driver, a mix between a machine gun and a cannon. While it may look like a big, bulky, spray-and-pray weapon, it actually has the accuracy to pull off headshots if you have the skill and quick trigger finger to make it happen.

In addition, the gun has a fairly steady damage output, so, if you can get a solid bead on an enemy, you might be able to get enough critical damage in to down an opponent. Each clip has 150 rounds, so you’ll certainly get plenty of opportunities to try before having to reload.

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9 Con: The Fusion Driver Reduces Orisa’s Movement

Unfortunately, as good of a gun the Fusion Driver is, it does decrease Orisa’s movement speed by a full 30 percent. This means you will not be able to pursue fleeing opponents effectively while firing the gun and will quickly lose sight of your quarry.

On the other hand, if you are trying to make a quick getaway, you won’t be able to provide your own cover fire without running the risk of being gunned down before you can get to safety. Orisa’s weapon is best used if you can plant yourself in a defensive position and take aim at the enemy team.

8 Pro: Halt! Provides Great Opportunities For Teamwork

Orisa has an ability called Halt! which launches a small orb that utilizes gravity to slow enemies within its radius and pull them in towards the device, which then detonates. This provides the perfect opportunity for your team to methodically exterminate the opposing team.

Once Orisa captures one or more foes in the radius of her ability, your team can close in and unload their guns or launch their own abilities on the helpless opponents. Then, if they haven’t been downed already, the explosion of the orb will finish them off. If the movement is well-coordinated, your team can rack up quite a few points this way.

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7 Con: The Fusion Driver Takes Forever To Reload

As mentioned previously, the combat in Overwatch is extremely fast-paced. Shootouts last mere moments and if the enemy can get the jump on you, they can kill you before you have the chance to turn around. If your abilities are all on cooldown, which happens all the time, the only thing you have to keep foes at bay is your main gun. This makes reloading a very dangerous time for any hero.

Unfortunately, Orisa’s Fusion Driver has one of the longest reload times in the game at nearly three seconds. When your enemies are closing in from all sides, this can seem like an eternity as they start to open fire and whittle your health away.

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6 Pro: Fortify Can’t Be Stopped By Sombra’s Hack Ability

Sombra has a frustrating ability known as Hack that stops heroes from using their abilities for a time. This can be difficult to overcome because, in the fast-paced, PvP style combat of Overwatch, a few seconds might as well be an hour. Abilities are what really distinguish heroes from one another and allows them to get a leg up on each other.

However, Orisa’s ability Fortify can NOT be stopped by the Hack ability. Unfortunately, your other abilities will still be jammed. At the very least, you can have the damage dampening effect of Fortify as you retreat and wait for your abilities to be available once more.

5 Con: The Supercharger Device Must Be Within Allies’ Line of Sight

Orisa’s ultimate ability is called the Supercharger and it grants her allies a 50 percent boost in damage if they are within range. However, if your allies are going to receive this boost in damage, they have to be in the line of sight of the device and be able to see at least half of it.

This can often render the ability useless. There tend to be lots of evasive maneuvers to take as little damage as possible during a battle. All of this dodging and jumping about means that more often than not, the team members that would benefit most from the Supercharger, will not be able to reap the full benefits most of the time.

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4 Pro: Protective Barrier Ability

Orisa’s Protective Barrier is a massive pro to picking this hero. Normally the Tank role is fulfilled by drawing enemy fire since Tanks have more health and can take more hits. However, Orisa takes a different approach her protective role. Her Protective barrier not only shields allies from enemy fire, if they have one of Tracer’s sticky bombs attached to them, walking through the shield will dislodge it, saving them from taking damage.

You can further protect your allies from dreaded spawn-campers by deploying it at the spawn point. Even though the shield is launched like a projectile, an opposing Genji cannot deflect it nor can D.Va’s Defense Matrix stop it.

3 Con: Supercharger Placement is SO Crucial

One of the play modes in Overwatch consists of gaining points by controlling and escorting payloads from one point on the map to another. Guarding the payload often means that your team is clustered together near it and thus vulnerable to ambush. The Supercharger could be useful when a skirmish breaks out for control of the payload.

However, in the heat of battle, it's all too easy to simply throw out the Supercharger in the nearest open space. Be wary where you place the Supercharger, because, if it lands in the path of the payload, it will be removed once the payload passes over it and you’ll have to wait until your cooldown is over to deploy it again.

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2 Pro: Protective Barrier Can Be Used While Reloading

As mentioned in the introduction of this article, Orisa got a small but important tweak in 2019. This tweak allows her Protective Barrier ability to be used even while she is reloading. While it may seem underwhelming, it does wonders for Orisa’s capability to protect her teammates.

For most characters, reloading is a vulnerable few seconds when they could be picked off by opponents and there's nothing they can do about it other than trying to run and hide. By being able to utilize her barrier even while shes reloading, Orisa can protect herself and others during this dangerous but necessary and inevitable moment.

1 Con: Watch Your Back When Deploying the Supercharger!

Whether you’re trying to protect payloads or engaged in an all-out deathmatch, odds are you’re going to deploy Orisa’s ultimate. Due to it being her ultimate, it has a longer cooldown than her other abilities at 15 full seconds. In Overwatch time, that could very well mean life or death, as well as the difference between getting ahead or falling behind in points.

So, every time you deploy this ability, it has to count! Something that can cut the Supercharger short is if Orisa is stunned by another attack or ability. When this happens, the Supercharger device disappears from the battlefield and must be deployed again once available.

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