Overwatch: Latest Patch Teases New Hero Along With New Map, Big Character Changes

Overwatch's newest patch introduces a moon base map, and changes some heroes.

A new patch has just been released for Overwatch that has added a new map for the players to use. The patch has also changed how McCree, Reaper, and Roadhog work in battle, as well as making some previously exclusive skins available to all players.

The biggest new addition to the patch is a new map, called Horizon Lunar Colony. Blizzard released a preview video for the map, which explains that Winston once lived in the colony before it was overrun by test subjects. The Horizon Lunar Colony is a moon base that is filled with living quarters and rooms filled with scientific equipment, which is reminiscent of Prey. One of the most significant parts of the map is an outdoor section which is set in a low gravity field. This means that players can now jump a lot higher in those areas. Players can now use the custom options to add low gravity to the other maps in the game.


Three of Overwatch's characters have received updates in the new patch. McCree's ultimate attack now takes less time to lock on to foes. This change was added in due to the fact that it was easy to kill McCree before he fired off his Deadeye (especially as players are trained to start shooting as soon as they hear "It's Hiiiiighhhh Noooonnn").

Reaper's The Reaping ability now works differently. It no longer drops health orbs upon killing enemies. Instead, he now heals 20% of the overall damage he deals. This change was implemented to make Reaper more useful against Tank heroes, who normally don't go down easily.

Via: PlayOverwatch.com

The hitbox around Roadhog's head was made a lot smaller. This change was made because his head was bigger than those of the other heroes, which made him susceptible to characters like Hanzo. Roadhog's Scrap Gun now deals less damage, but he can fire more frequently. This change was made to weaken his hook grab combo, which was often devastating when pulled off correctly.

Overwatch's latest patch adds the Oni Genji and Officer D. Va skins to the regular drop list from classic loot boxes. These skins were previously only available to players of Heroes of the Storm.

There are a few other minor changes to Overwatch made with the patch. The "Rate This Match" option has been taken out completely. A lot of the tabs in the Career Profile have been streamlined, in order to make it easier for players to see their stats. There have also been a number of bug fixes added to the game.

The latest Overwatch patch is now live for the Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions of the game.


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