Overwatch: 10 Tips On How To Play Genji Like A Pro

Let's be honest, the online gaming world is not always the most positive place. A significant portion of the Overwatch fandom has written off the character of Genji entirely. Some even do their best to avoid teams that have Genji amongst their ranks due to the unfair reputation this character has been slated with. But Genji is not a liability if one only knows how to play them correctly. Genji can be a true asset to the team if the person who is playing as said character knows how to use them. Continue reading to explore ten different tips and tricks that will help players figure out how to turn Genji into their team's secret weapon.

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10 Focus On Surprise Attacks

Let's face it. Genji is a special character, and if one wants to excel using them, one needs to understand their unique fighting style and how to work with it. If one wants to play as Genji, then they should focus on surprise attacks. During calm/non-active moments, take a second to study the maps, find secret shortcuts, surprise enemies while they are occupied with other members of the team, retreat before too much damage can be inflicted, and prepare for another drop.

9 Make Use of The Melee Attack

Genji is best in close range for short periods of time. So, in order to excel with this character, players need to make use of the melee style of battle. The key to mastering a specific character is learning the best techniques for their limitations and strengths. Since Genji is not well suited for lengthy or intense battles, a quick melee is the better option. Mash the melee function and focus on avoiding enemies at all costs. If it does not look safe, stay out of there.

8 Get Familiar With Deflect

Though attacking is an important element of gameplay, blocking and deflecting are also necessary aspects of the game. Sure, one could be an expert at offensive moves, but if they have no defensive skills, then they will be easily taken down when the moment presents itself. In a calm moment, practice using the deflect ability. Get comfortable with it and learn the best ways to use it. Once one has mastered this, one can easily integrate it into a battle situation and become a true asset to their team.

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7 Learn How to Use Dash Effectively

The main problem that beginners have when trying to learn how to play the character of Genji like a pro is that they rely too heavily on the dash function. There are moments that call for dash, and there are moments that do not. Do not risk yourself in order to dash in if the chances of losing are very high. Watch the other members of the team and assess what is going on. Dash when needed. Use it sparingly and only when appropriate. Do not simply spam the dash function.

6 Do Not Rush Into Battle

Genji is not built for intense and lengthy periods of combat. Therefore, it is best to use them strategically and not impulsively. One should never rush into battle without a plan when playing Genji. For, if one does, they will become a liability to their team. If one wants to play Genji, then they must be able to strategize, plan out their moves, and dash into quick action while also being able to pull back before receiving too much damage. Remember the strengths and weaknesses of Genji. Play with them. Not against them.

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5 Figure Out What The Team is Lacking

There are some characters that can take charge in battle situations. They can burst in, guns a-blazing, and wipe out enemies with ease and minimal injuries. However, Genji is simply not one of those characters. Remember to play with the character, not against them. One cannot make a character do something that they are not suited for. The best way to help out one's team when playing Genji is to observe what is going on around them and to plan the best offensive moves before making them. Genji is not a spontaneous character, and those who prefer spur-of-the-moment actions should avoid playing as them at all costs.

4 Avoid 1v1 Situations

Know the character's strengths and incorporate that knowledge into one's strategy. Knowing your own weaknesses is just as important as knowing your own strengths. Plainly put, Genji is not the best character for 1v1 situations. Leave those to other party members who are better suited to those types of interactions. If one has no choice but to participate, avoid characters who deal out large amounts of damage and focus on eliminating the enemy as quickly as possible. But, if at all possible, simply avoid 1v1 situations at all costs.

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3 Keep Moving

If one is unable to dance on the sidelines and plan during a scuffle, then the best way to avoid taking too much damage is to keep moving. Dash, evade, find opportunities for quick melees, and focus on keeping Genji moving as much as possible. Do not let enemies get their hands—or weapons—on Genji. Keep them moving, out of danger, and play into those strengths. The most important factor in playing any given character like a pro is adjusting one's own playing style to fit the individual character.

2 Avoid Tanks At All Costs

Some characters can take on tanks. Genji is not one of those characters. Avoid tanks at all costs. Seriously; do not go near them, they will flatten Genji. Tanks are not particularly susceptible to the types of offensive moves that Genji specializes in. One may feel like a bad teammate if they are having to avoid certain parts of the action, but an evasive teammate is better than a deceased one. Keep Genji alive, keep Genji safe, and play to Genji's strengths. The team will thank Genji for it.

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1 Don't Get Discouraged

The negative reputation that surrounds this character can cause some fans to feel discouraged from wanting to play as Genji, but one cannot let such things deter them from doing the things that they want to do. At the end of the day, it is just a game, and every single pro was a beginner at one point. Remember to learn the characters strengths and play to them to the best of one's abilities. The best way to learn how to play Genji like a pro is to take the time to understand the best—and worst—ways to use Genji, learn from that, and apply it to one's own strategies.

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