The 5 Most Awesome Overwatch Skins (& The 5 Strangest)

Overwatch draws players in with engaging play, and it also provides gamers with unique skins for their characters to wear, some stranger than others.

One of the most unique and amusing aspects of Overwatch has to be its massive palette of cool and off-the-wall hero skins. The game offers a variety that spans from pink angels to sinister demons; from epic mythological references to junky steampunk. These skins not only add some personal flair to your hero of choice - they also make for a fun reward to gun for when playing. It's like a virtual gift that keeps on giving.

In the same way these skins run the gamut in terms of appearance and themes, they also vary greatly in how visually appealing they look. While many make for some truly memorable or stylish presentations, some are just head-scratchingly weird. Some fit their respective heroes like a glove, while others prove strange design choices that don't do the characters justice.

Regardless, there's no shortage of both in either category. So let's sift through the vast virtual wardrobe of Overwatch skins and pick out the 5 most awesome, as well as 5 that are just... strange.

10 Strangest: Vigilante McCree

Sure, McCree technically is an-ex vigilante, so it might seem fitting - pun not intended - for him to sport this Old West-style robber garb. Or is the harsh yellow suit meant to represent Dick Tracy? That wouldn't seem to make much sense since Dick Tracy's job was to fight crime, not start it.

Regardless, this wardrobe and face-covering bandana not only looks bizarre on McCree, it's also somewhat counterproductive during a firefight, as its bright color scheme makes you an easy target. Given that McCree players often rely on a degree of stealth and evasion, this "hey look at me!" skin doesn't seem too ideal for this gunslinger.

9 Awesome: Officer D.va

Overwatch has a plethora of sleek and amusing skins, but the best of the best tend to be those that not only fit the hero, but provide a little extra something.

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In the case of D.va and her massive mech, this law enforcement-themed skin meshes perfectly with the military-grade artillery that is her mech. Not only does she spout the amusing line "you have the right to remain... oops" after gunning down an opponent, but you also get the added visuals and audio of a siren that plays as she flies. This is just an all-around awesome skin, and while she has a variety of great outfits, this beats them all.

8 Strangest: Grillmaster 76

I suppose you could make the argument that this goofy summer attire and grilling apron is fitting given that it's a unique skin offered during the Overwatch Summer Games event. But this particular outfit on Soldier 76 - aka - commander of Overwatch - just seems a bit ridiculous.

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He's certainly dressed to grill, but is he dressed to kill? One can only assume he keeps his weapon in one of the larger apron pockets, while any extra ammunition is housed in the smaller ones. You do, however, have to appreciate that amusing pun posted across the apron chest - "raise the steaks."

7 Awesome: Jester Junkrat

Both this colorful Jester skin - and its darker "Fool" counterpart are perhaps the most fitting skins that can be seen in the game. Even without this creepy clown Joker-like costume, Junkrat largely resembles the famed Batman villain.

Though sporting this legendary Junkrat skin just absolutely completes his entire getup. It's not only visually interesting, but it's also eerily intimidating for his opponents - especially when that distinct sun face timebomb rolls your way.

6 Strangest: Nutcracker Zenyatta

One can't help but wonder if Blizzard simply couldn't think of a suitable holiday-themed skin to adorn Zenyatta with, so they defaulted to this. After all, why else would he be covered with this goofy looking Nutcracker skin? One doesn't tend to associate Buddhist robot monks with a Christmas-associated Russian ballet.

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And for a DPS-focused healer that packs a punch, those rosy red cheeks and bushy white beard don't exactly highlight Zen's deadly attributes. You could perhaps make the argument the iconic Nutcracker soldier sports a similarly slender build, but that's a bit of a stretch...

5 Awesome: Pumpkin Reaper

Much like D.va, there is no shortage of great skins when it comes to this grim reaper incarnate. His naturally cool themes provide seemingly endless potential for some epic and imaginative outfits. While his Nevermore skin makes for a solid honorable mention, ultimately this Halloween-themed pumpkin theme wins out.

It encapsulates Reaper's horror-tinged persona and presents an image that's both awesome and intimidating. While this headless horseman is missing his horse, you could say his shotguns certainly kick like a mule.

4 Strangest: Woodbot Bastion

You can perhaps look at this unimpressive Bastion skin as a sort of neat novelty for how unimpressive it is; an almost ironic skin choice. Yet, even when viewing it through these lens, it's tough to make the argument this skin belongs as a "Legendary," and yet, here we are...

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It's not like a game that stars a cast of sorcerers, ghouls, and self-aware robots is meant to have much continuity or make much logical sense. Still, you can't help but wonder just how fragile a wooden bot would be - and how it could possibly function at all, for that matter. At least Bastion wouldn't have to fret over oiling up his hinges, though he does have a highly flammable body worry about.

3 Awesome: Sigrun Mercy

Some skins just stand on the strength of how awesome their themes are, regardless of how well they may mesh with a hero - though Mercy does pull off the Viking look surprisingly well. And besides, her Ultimate does share the name with a major female figure of Norse mythology, so there's some continuity on that level.

There is just something inherently cool about the Viking-style breastplate, the winged headgear, and the old Norse garb. She even sports a sword, which, while unfortunately unusable, still looks awesome. And it's hard to top the epic nature of her "till Valhalla!" line when using her Ultimate and taking flight. Her witch skin is a close runnerup, but ultimately it's this Viking attire that truly ascends to the halls of Valhalla.

2 Strangest: Lucio Ribbit Skin

It's usually not a great sign when fans are debating just what on earth a particular skin is meant to represent, or what its significance is in relation to its hero. With the Lucio, a Hip Hop artist and DJ, it seems this bizarre bug-eyed costume is meant to represent a "hopping" frog, combined with the trademark mouse that DJ Deadmau5 is known for.

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It's a clever representation to be sure - but a strange looking one. It's also a rather weird, ambiguous reference that many just won't get, unless they happen to be aware of this Canadian music producer/DJ. Those eyes also look to be eerily possessed.

1 Awesome: Blackbeard Torbjörn

Shiver me timbers, this is one awesome skin!

Let's face it, when it comes to skin themes in Overwatch, it's tough to beat pirates; at least the mythologized caricature of them. When it comes to the pudgy bearded dwarf, Torbjörn, the Blackbeard outfit suits him very well.

You've got the big mug of ale, the bushy beard, the trademark pirate hook replacing his mechanical claw - it all just seems to fall into place. And let's face it, it's hard not to get some amusement out of his unique "ahoy matey!" greeting that comes with it.

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