Overwatch Streamer Reveals Sigma's Full Kit

Twitch streamer and former Overwatch pro Seagull celebrated his birthday at Blizzard today by revealing Overwatch Hero 31 with game director Jeff Kaplan. The hero, Sigma, was teased in a cinematic uploaded yesterday, but now we have all the details on his kit and role in the game.

Not only that, but thanks to Seagull, Sigma is now available on the Public Test Region to try out. There are some major changes coming to Overwatch soon, and players that join the PTR to try Sigma will get a first taste of all the new features coming to the game.

In Overwatch lore, Sigma is a Talon agent and physicist that has gained incredibly abilities to manipulate energy and matter at the cost of his sanity. He is a main tank, or barrier tank as Kaplan describes him, and is the tallest character in the game because he floats a foot or so off of the ground.

Sigma is a true super-villain, as evidenced by his dark and twisted intro cinematic. He evokes Magneto in both design and personality. This megalomaniac has tapped into an unbelievable amount of power, and his kit is reflective of the kind of unstoppable force Sigma supposes himself to be.

His primary fire is a 2 round burst of metallic orbs that bounce off of surfaces and do decent damage. They are slow to fire but have unlimited ammo. They also have a slight tracking effect, which Jeff describes as more for flavor than anything else.

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His alternate fire is a projectile barrier similar to the second iteration of Symmetra. Holding right click sends out a large 1500 health barrier on a straight path until you release right click. Tapping RMB again will bring the barrier back to you to redeploy. The barrier can be sent in any direction, even towards to sky to block Pharah attacks, and recovers health just like Reinhardt's shield while it is down.

Sigma's shift ability absorbs projectile attacks and turns the damage into temporary shield, up to 400. At a combined 400 health (300 raw and 100 shield) Sigma is already pretty thick, and while this ability doesn't provide anti-cc like Orisa's similar ability, it's great for absorbing burst damage like Pharah ult and D.Va missiles.

Sigma's E allows him to psychically rip a boulder from the earth and hurl at an enemy. It has a bit of a delay as he lifts the boulder, but it has a massive hitbox and does substantial damage. At long range the boulder will do knock back/knock down, meaning we have yet another character capable of booping. This is best reserved for finishing low health enemies or quickly breaking barriers in a pinch.

Sigma is available in the PTR right now, he is planned to be available in competitive mode, along with role queuing, starting September 1st.

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