Overwatch: The Pros & Cons of Playing Symmetra

Symmetra is a very interesting figure in the Overwatch community, with highs and lows throughout her existence. At her worst, she was a symbol of trolls and griefers in the community. After two reworks and multiple adjustments, however she is now a big player in the Season 18 Double Barrier meta. She is almost a must-pick for the first time.

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Now that Symmetra is a genuine Damage Hero, some players are picking her up for the first time. The light-bending engineer requires a lot from the player, though, from good judgement in engagements to even a little imagination and resourcefulness. If you want to learn more about what makes her tick, here are some pros and cons for playing Symmetra.

10 PRO: Tank Buster

Ever since Symmetra gained the new mechanic for her Photon Projector, she now has infinite ammo whenever her beam is aimed at barriers. Naturally, Symmetra players use this opportunity to ramp up against barriers and then attack the team.

This mechanic is part of the reason Symmetra has become a meta pick in Season 18. With Double Barrier, the Symmetra player’s job is to bust barriers and initiate the charge. With the beam ramped up to maximum damage output, she can put down Tanks like Winston, D.Va, Reinhardt and Sigma.

9 CON: Struggles Against Snipers

Symmetra has always been a Hero who thrives in close encounters. In order for her Photon Projector to ramp up to absurd damage, she needs to keep close to her targets or have a barrier within range. Naturally, this makes her vulnerable to most Damage Heroes.

Snipers have no problem picking off Symmetra from long range, especially since her Photon Projector orbs travel slower than a Hanzo arrow or hitscan bullet. Her jumps are also pretty predictable, making it easy to aim headshots on her. Heroes like Pharah and Junkrat  can target their explosives at the engineer, while Soldier: 76 can also pick off Symmetra from a safe distance.

8 PRO: Photon Projector

As stated in the last pro, Symmetra’s Photon Projector packs quite the punch. The gun has infinite ammo if it is being charged by barriers. When fully ramped up, the beam does 180 damage per second with a range of 12 meters.

Symmetra players can delete squishy targets in less than two seconds. That’s pretty ridiculous. Her Orbs, when fully charged, can two-shot squishies as well.

7 CON: Still A Squishy

Despite the sweeping changes that came with second rework, a lot of players forget that Symmetra is still a squishy. In the Overwatch community, a squishy Hero is a character with 200 HP. Most consistent output damage can end their lives, such as sniper headshots or two rounds of explosive damage.

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This is the reason she basically gets bowled over by dive Heroes. It also creates an even playing field when she tries to engage against Support Heroes. Unless she has a fully-charged beam, she should not try to confront Tanks head on.

6 PRO: Photon Barrier

Symmetra’s Photon Barrier is such a frightening concept. An infinitely stretching barrier with 4,000 health that cuts the map in half (not literally). Sometimes, it transforms the Double Barrier meta into Triple Barrier. Bonus points if the player places turrets behind the barrier, forcing teams to think twice about their push.

Photon Barrier is great for shielding teams from large incoming impact damage. It also forces the enemy to retreat from their push or reposition. It is also the ultimate day-ruiner for snipers and other Damage Heroes like Pharah, Junkrat and Soldier: 76.

5 CON: Dive Heroes

Dive Heroes were the bane of Symmetra's existence in the past, and they still are now. She is more capable of combating flankers now, whether it’s with her turrets, teleporter or two-tap orbs, but that doesn’t deter most flankers from getting the one-up on her.

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One Doomfist Rocket Punch or combo can do her in. Two direct rocket hits from Pharah or two bombs from Junkrat can too. A standard dive combo from Genji (assuming there are no turrets around her) or one clip from Tracer – the same. Sometimes, not even being in the backline of the team can help her.

4 PRO: Sentry Turret

Symmetra’s turrets were given a significant overhaul when the rework came. Instead of six, the player now has three turrets that can be deployed. They have a little more health, deal more damage and can cause a staggering slow effect.

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Not only are the turrets great zoning tools for chokepoints and flanking routes, they can also be used to block incoming attacks. Many experienced Symmetra players deploy their turrets right on time to block lethal damage from a sniper or a rocket. Most players also use Symmetra’s Teleporter ability to send a cluster of turrets into the enemy backline.

3 CON: Not A Flanker

Symmetra just wasn’t meant to be a flanker. Some players attempt to try that strategy because she is a Damage Hero with high damage output. The turret-Teleporter strategy can only work if the team is prepared to push with Symmetra; it’s not a full-fledged flanking maneuver.

Her mobility is bad, and her one means of escape can be destroyed by the enemy team easily. That doesn’t mean the strategy does not work, but it also shouldn’t be used often. She is best utilized as a frontline deterrent.

2 PRO: Teleporter

Symmetra’s Teleporter has been around since her early conception. Originally her Ultimate, it has been rightfully turned into a cooldown ability. Teleporter serves as a great utility for her team and a way to alleviate Symmetra’s mobility problems.

Teleporter can be used to elevate characters that don’t have vertical scaling abilities, like Ana, Orisa or Bastion. It can also be used to expedite the long walk from spawn, or to prepare a quick escape from a failed flank. Players have found some creative applications of the Teleporter, such as a Rein Charge into the enemy team or a D.VA bomb being launched. For a Symmetra player, the best application of Teleporter is when the player lays down three turrets, teleports the turrets behind the enemy team and begins wreaking havoc.

1 CON: Mobility

Symmetra’s mobility is awful. It’s in the same alley as Mei, Bastion and Torbjorn. You could say her Teleporter is her mobility, and while that's partly true, Teleporter is placed on a 12-second cooldown after being destroyed. that is longer than Widow’s Grappling Hook and Ashe’s Coach Gun.

Symmetra’s Teleporter also offers more utility than both those abilities, so the player needs to make wise decisions about how they use it. Do they use it for themselves, or do they help their team out with it? Teleporter is one of Symmetra’s strongest abilities, but her dependence on it is also one of her greatest weaknesses.

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