Overwatch: The 20 Hottest Tracer Cosplays

Cosplay is a great way to express yourself. If it so happens you're drop dead gorgeous and happen to look a lot like a video game character; by all means, dress up. As someone who gets paid to dress up (Reppin' Universal Studios Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights), I totally understand the urge and the fun involved with getting into character and dressing up! That being said, a lot of these cosplayers look better in a bikini than I ever would.

However, looking good in a bikini is not all of what cosplaying is about. Cosplay is commitment to a character, time and dedication of making a costume, a love for the source material, and about interacting with a community that loves something that you find interesting and fun. My goal in writing this is not ranking these lovely ladies based on looks or how much skin they're showing; but more to showcase and give my opinion on some of the awesome work that these artists came up with.

Overwatch is a incredibly popular video game, that you've likely heard of if you're into gaming. Tracer is one of the attack characters in this highly popular game by Blizzard. The tiny, British lady can teleport, travel back in time a few steps (for when you didn't see that Bastion), and place a sticky bomb for some massive damage. Blizzard also got a lot of heat for Tracer's over the shoulder butt shot. So think of this as a protest against the people who were offended by a CG booty.

20 Tasha

via pinterest.com

Tasha has a great Tracer cosplay and the detail she put in compared to the character in Overwatch is impressive. From her sneakers to her Dual Energy Pistols, Tasha ignores no single detail. Her choice in pose also shows some of the characteristics of Tracer as the fun girl she is.

Tasha is a South Korean cosplayer and team leader of cosplay group SPCats. She has also done cosplays as Genji and Mercy from Overwatch, as well as many other characters from gaming culture and anime. I enjoyed how her photographer chose to pick a nice clean white background with the little bit of hair falling over her goggles. Nice, accurate cosplay with a beautiful mode.

19 Pink Punk Cosplay

Cosplayer: Pink Punk Cosplay

Here we have another very accurate cosplay, as her jacket looks just like the one in the game. Her guns also look accurate, even though Tracer's guns in game look like they come from a complete other universe. The only thing I would add is some LEDs in the pistols and a chest plate to give her a little extra of that signature glow. Regardless, I love how she chose to style her hair and her choice in either using make-up for her freckles. Well, either that or she has really adorable natural freckles that work perfectly for Tracer's character. I like that her hair doesn't look too fake or cartoony, but how Tracer's hair would probably look in the real world. I've never met her, but I'm somehow very confident she could nail Tracer's British accent.

18 Lucy Lane

via lulugalaxyone.deviantart.com

Lookin' good Lucy Lane. It's always really worth it to take the time to go to a location to get some professional photos. Plus who doesn't love a photo-shoot. One of my favorite things about this photo is that the cosplayers involved are able to tell a story with how they set up the shot and are not only accurate in their costumes, but in their acting choices. Like not only does Lucy look adorable looking up, but if this was Tracer, she would know to watch from above for Reaper to drop down. I also enjoy how the editing in the photo is minimal and doesn't look too overproduced to the point where it starts to feel fake.

17 Fenix.Fatalist

via fenixfatalist.deviantart.com

Isn't Bunny Tracer pretty great? Fenix (or is it Ms.Fatalist?) has a great take on a bunny version of Tracer. While this isn't a Blizzard skin, I think Fenix makes the best sales pitch for Blizzard to add the skin to the list (hopefully for free, casue I'll never get it in in a loot box!). Her corset is also a great play on Tracer's signature jacket and we're huge fans of the haircut too, as it shapes her face well. The photographer also did a great job at lighting and choosing a background with great contrast. While I love Tracer's original sneakers, I would never ask Fenix to take her heels off. The classic Tracer pose is an added bonus to a cute and well put together cosplay.

16 KUMI Cosplay

Cosplayer: KumiCosplay

Kumi did a really great job getting an accurate Tracer cosplay. The chest harness is immaculate, extremely well designed, crafted, and we love how well the LED ties it together. The arm gauntlets look clean with no real edges, giving it have a clean, smooth look. I like their choice in location too, as it reminds me of the first trailer they released for Overwatch, where we first met the lovely Tracer. We're also pretty glad that we met Kumi as well. Overall I think it's one of the more simple designs, which is not a negative at all. Often times people get almost a little too big for their britches (excuse the butt related pun) and I prefer a clean, accurate cosplay on a nice, lovely girl.

15 Hoteshi

Cosplay: Hoteshi

Its easy to see why Hoteshi has the word 'hot' in her name. This casual Tracer, is by far the least negative connotation I've ever heard for a casual in Overwatch. Hair looks adorable, all of her props look perfect, and it's always refreshing to see someone take their own spin on a character and have it turn out so nicely. I've always been the kind of guy who appreciates seeing a girl in pjs more than seeing her in lingerie, as there's something intimate and sexy about a girl who looks comfortable. The hot cocoa was a great choice, as well as the photographer's choice to have her looking longingly. The hot cocoa is the coldest thing in that room for sure.

14 Valentina Kryp

via valentinakryp.deviantart.com

If Valentina Kryp ever needs a valentine, and she probably never would, but I'm only one phone call away. I like that instead of getting printed leggings, she invested in having the leggings stitched with lace. I think it adds an extra layer of realism and depth to an already astounding cosplay. I appreciate the attention to detail in everything from the gloves to the 39 on the pistol. Not to mention, other than looking fantastic, she looks a lot like what Tracer would look like if she was a real person. The photo itself was shot almost as beautifully as the model chosen to represent the British heroin. The contrast with the background, as well as the throwback to the original, and banned Tracer pose is just the icing on the cake. Get it? Cake?

13 Akina Gasai

via deviantart.com

Nothing beats good old fashioned American patriotism. I know Akina is just as smart as she is pretty, which is why she knows a bonafide American like myself will look over the fact that Tracer is from Britain. Honestly, you put a beautiful woman in a crop top and leather leggings and the average bear isn't going to care what the source material says. That being said, Tracer always struck me as a fun loving character, not a militant British Nationalist, so I'm sure we can ask Blizzard when to expect the Akina skin. On top of it, I dig her lip gloss, as it compliments her outfit very nicely. The out of focus background is always a solid touch, as you want the beauty to be the focus.

12 Jessica Nigri️

via alienwarearena.com

Jessica Nigri's cosplay of Tracer is absolutely jaw dropping. The accuracy of the costume is irrelevant when struck with the beautiful Jessica's body on display. Her smile is really what kills me, but she definitely owns the Tracer pose for sure and the hair is great. It's really well done and looks as if she came right out of the video game. She's a beautiful woman and I'm sure she gives that salute to all of the loyal Overwatch players. She'll probably only talk to you if you're placed in Diamond and, if I'm being totally honest, I only placed in Silver last season. It wasn't my best work. Anyway, beautiful beautiful work.

11 Missy V

via rainbowmissy.deviantart.com

Miss Missy V is looking gorgeous in Tracer's signature mask... and not much else. She's probably got the most skin shown in this list, but I totally understand the photographer's motivation in immortalizing this art. The Overwatch brand underwear is a nice added plus and really worth the extra mile of immersion. Though, part of me can't believe that anyone on the Overwatch team would have picked out and customized underwear. I dunno. Anyway, this is one of my personal favorites, as it's artsy, seductive and classy. I think Miss Missy gives Tracer a run for her money or should I say a Jump for her money? You know, I really do apologize for that one.

10 Natalie Cartman

via nataliecartman.deviantart.com

I was always taught a good photo is always in Black and White, as that's how you can tell if it was shot correctly. No doubt, whoever the lucky person was who got to photograph Miss Cartman knows what they're doing. It's great to see such a beautiful model appearing to be having so much fun with a photoshoot. I love the thought of such a classic Tracer. Seeing the ending reel of the victors on the Hollywood map has always had me aching for a monochrome skin or some 30s cartoon themed characters. While her cosplay doesn't have the Overwatch logo, I think it's part of the rustic charm, of an old fashioned take on an old fashioned character, with an old fashioned American beauty. I could see this beauty painted onto the side of a WWII plane; classic.

9 Sakura Flor

via deviantart.com/tag/sakuraflor

Hot damn. Just as we had a cosplayer representing the United States, we now have an equally beautiful woman representing the United Kingdom! I love the mix between the classic Tracer from the video game, as well as an almost biker feel to her cosplay. Plus it's always an added asset (I'm so sorry about these) when an artist is able to create art in more than one medium. The bandana and the way her hair falls in her face gives her a classic look and an even more rugged, natural feel. I also loved the blur effect, whether it was added later or its natural blur, as it gives Tracer that 'speedster' look. Sakura means cherry blossom in Japanese and to compare a beautiful lady such as this to a flower takes no work on my part.

8 Wolfie Rose

Cosplayer Wolfie Rose

Maybe it's the animal in her, but Wolfie Rose can definitely make a grown man howl at the moon. The second Bunny Tracer on the list almost puts the first to shame. Almost, as the other one was pretty great too. The ears are great and the only thing I would add is some color to the ears, so the ears don't get lost in that beautiful midnight hair. The suspenders add an extra layer of hotness to an already magical cosplay. On top of that, Miss Rose adds a nice touch with the great lighting and by her subtle lean toward the camera. I think she seals the deal for a Bunny Tracer skin, but the developers are going to have to have to spend a lot of time researching these photos for reference. I don't think they'll complain too much about it.

7 Archenemy Cosplay

via gameplaying.info

If this beautiful lady was my Archenemy, I'd be glad to try to have her stop me. The one piece swimsuit is definitely making a comeback and she could be one of the reasons for that. The references to the character, are all subtle, but completely spot on. The black lace accompanies the yellow nicely and the simple blue nail polish is a great addition to her pulse munitions in those finger pistols. Maybe I'm just a sucker for redheads, but this beautiful lady and that outfit? She'd make anyone a sucker for redheads.  Also whoever had the idea for finger pistols made this hot cosplay into an even more cute and adorable photo, which are the small details that make cosplay jump into an art form.

6 Tazpire

via gameplaying.info

Simple, yet effective. Tazpire's beautiful use of make-up and great photography skills turns this into an adorable homage to the lighting fast Tracer. The freckles add a great layer of depth to her makeup and her character, and the half smile is just cheeky enough to be from a beautiful young British girl excited to start fighting with the heroes of Overwatch. And I can't be the only one whose heart melts at that wink and smile. It's a great directing choice and it really gives the photo and cosplay an added layer of depth. It looks to me more like a men's jacket to try to give the viewer, like myself, the impression that it's their jacket around her shoulders. However, this Tazpire Tracer is may be too fast to catch.

5 Mogu Cosplay

via thezeo.deviantart.com

This lady's Tracer is just spot on. The attention to detail here is impressive and really adds to the outfit. The added computer effect of the hologram in the back gives an extra layer of depth and of realism for the cosplay. Again, it's hard to get over how well done this photo was. You take a beautiful model, a great, near perfect cosplay costume, and beautiful lighting and you can't really go wrong at all. Plus the look in her eyes, the pose, and the lightness on her feet makes the whole thing very sexy and rugged. Quite simply, it's beautiful art. The attention to detail has to be from a fan of the game and I know every fan out here would love to personally thank her.

4 Carmen Hopkins

via thepicta.com

Now this one is just as perfect as some of the others, as the details are really impressive. What I really enjoy, other than our beautiful model, is the creativity of adding the clocks to give some added depth to the character. Some research goes a long way in letting the community know you actually care about the cosplay and the community around it. It also demonstrates that you're being true to Blizzard's creation, while adding some flair that supports the cosplay in a creative and passionate way. That to me is just as attractive as showing some skin. In this case, an attractive model is just the added bonus to an overall great design and great execution of the overall concept.

3 LinaliaVII

via linaliavii.deviantart.com

Well I'll be dammed if Linalia doesn't bring a little bit of darkness and edginess to a sexy and classic cosplay. Maybe it's the very posh haircut, or the pursed lips, but Linalia brings a sexy confidence to her role as Tracer. I can definitely imagine her taking on the Omnics in her first mission, then shooting that dagger-like stare at McCree. The shot is set up beautifully to give her just enough of that aura of sexiness, mystery, and drop dead gorgeous-ness (yes it's a word...who's the writer here?) that make for a hot Tracer Cosplay. Call me Winston cause' I'm going bananas for Linalia.

2 Laura Craft

via lauracraftcosplay.deviantart.com

I'm sure if I was behind Tracer on the payload, I would have some issues focusing on the objective. But just like Mei, I'd try to play it cool (are you loving these terrible Overwatch jokes?). Laura Craft may be a play on the Tomb Raider's main heroine, but she's going to have to rhyme Laura with Tracer somehow cause there is no way I wanna see her as anything but my favorite little wanna-be Flash. Speaking of Flash... haha, gotcha! Yeah we're not that kinda rodeo, but if your looking for a dance partner, Lucio, I'd drop the beat for her. You only gotta sit through one set of my terrible, terrible puns, but lucky for you, you can make like Tracer and recall this article when you need it most.

1 Rizz Yokuni

via gameplaying.Info

We had to save the best for last. This is the perfect hot Tracer to end an article full of lovely, beautiful, badass women. Straight up, Rizz is hotter than one of Junkrat's bombs. She's cheekier than Widowmaker. She cant get your heart pumping faster than Mercy can restart it! And you're gonna need Zenyatta's Tranquility to be able to resist this lovely lady. Call Reaper, cause this girl is in the refrigerator. Okay that last one might not work, but that is one of the best voice lines by far, I don't care what you say. This is the perfect mix of a beautiful model, great photography, and a great personality to end up with a once in a lifetime, perfect cosplay. I'd let this Tracer teleport into my life anyday!


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