Overwatch Mode 'Torbjörn Golf' Isn't Exactly What You Think It Is

A player has used the recently released Overwatch workshop to make a new mode aptly named "Torbjörn Golf." Unlike traditional golfing games in which you use a club or putter to hit the ball, this mode turns you into the ball instead.

Movement across the "course" requires the player to first power up. A gauge can be found on the screen to show what power level you are at before launching off, which makes it feel quite similar to Winston's leaping attack in terms of movement.

The mode currently has an entire 18-hole course to clear with up to 11 other players on the PTR. It is not clear whether more will be added in the future. However, since the workshop has only been available for a short time, there is a strong chance of additional courses being included later on.

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For those unfamiliar with the workshop, it is a simplified manner of scripting that allows a creator to establish rules and unique conditions on top of the pre-existing game modes. Blizzard has already been doing this for years with the weekly arcade game modes that feel similar to normal matches, but with a twist, such as with "Total Mayhem," which grants characters 200% health, 150% ultimate gain, 75% faster cooldowns, and victory upon the completion of standard map objectives. This has led to games that certainly feel a bit chaotic.

Another example of a custom game that can be made is by creating "Molten Floor," whereby your hero can both catch fire and take damage if they touch the ground. Blizzard has provided players with a simple guide on how to write scripts, which allows you to create your own custom level designs.

The release of the mode could not have come at a better time. Although Blizzard has remained committed to patching the game, creating new heroes and maps, and investing in its esports league, the game has grown quite stale as of late. Even a polished and beautiful looking team shooter like Overwatch can still become repetitive. The workshop offers something new and many players are hopeful that other game modes will be coming soon.

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