Overwatch Twitch Streamer Warned For Wearing Workout Clothes

Over the past year, Twitch has proven unable to maintain any manner of consistency regarding its censorship and disciplinary actions against its streamers, and is once again maintaining this image by issuing a warning to popular Overwatch streamer Fareeha for violating Community Guidelines for hosting a “lingerie” stream. The problem, of course, is that Fareeha did nothing of the sort.

Fareeha is known on Twitch for being a DPS main in Overwatch and argues that the claim she wore lingerie is ridiculous. She took to Twitter to post a shot of her clothing, which amounted to little more than comfortable workout clothing.

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The email from Twitch contained not only a warning to desist from repeating this behavior in the future, it also informed her that all associated VODs reported had been deleted with the intent to “avoid further reports”, and that she would be placed on probation for the next 90 days.

Given the recent history of the Twitch moderation team, this decision is likely to be reversed, but the damage is done. The moderation team seems to always be so inconsistent in the manner that it handles complaints that one can never be sure how a complaint may affect them.

In truth, this discussion should instead relate to the ongoing issue that Twitch seems to have with women and their clothing. This is not a cut and dry situation like Amouranth exposing herself on her channel, and instead this is attempting to control what women wear to an extreme point that should never occur.

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Is the Twitch moderation team so busy that they cannot distinguish between lingerie and sportswear? Apparently, but even then, what’s the big deal with breasts? Recently the issue was at the forefront of discussion with streamer Heather “HeatheredEffect” Kent, who breastfed her child on stream, only to have the video removed by the moderation team. Heather raised awareness on the matter, and after a short while the decision was reversed with Twitch confirming that breastfeeding is not against the Terms of Service agreement.

Twitch is on a slippery slope right now, because although it is the dominant streaming platform, there are alternatives rising and gunning for their position. All it takes is a new platform to come along with any manner of consistency and rational decision making in the moderation of its content for there to begin an exodus of streamers from Twitch.

For now, we certainly hope that Fareeha continues rocking her sportswear while streaming, or whatever else she considers comfortable. It’s not easy on the body sitting to play games for so long and being shamed over what one wears should not ever be a concern to streamers.

Source: Dexerto.com

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