Overwatch: 10 Ultimate Combos That Can Easily Win Team Fights

Competitive play in any game is all about taking maximum advantage of your set-up. When it comes to Overwatch team battles, these ultimates pair best.

In competitive Overwatch, matches are often decided by ultimates. More specifically, the value your team can get out of these abilities. One way you and your team-mates can help ensure that you are getting the most out of them is to combine ultimates for big multi-kill plays.

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When you are looking at the best combinations in Overwatch, you will likely notice a trend involving a set-up ultimate that is immediately followed by an offensive ult that can secure kills. This is why popular pairings usually involve heroes like Zarya and Sombra. So, with this in mind, we decided to take a look at the roster and create a list of the 10 best ultimate combos for team fights.

10 Ana and Genji

Most seasoned Overwatch players will know the Ana and Genji ult combo as Nano Blade, as it involves using Nano Boost to make Dragonblade even more powerful (thanks to its added damage and resistance).

One of the main reasons this combination is so deadly is the fact that unless you can stun Genji, he is basically free to attack your team, as most heroes are unable to block his ultimate's attacks. Additionally, he is able to quickly move from target to target thanks to his dash ability, making securing kills easy.

9 Ana and Soldier 76

Similarly to the Nano Blade, the Nano Visor combo gets its name from Ana's Nano Boost and Soldier 76's Tactical Visor. Typically, players will be able to get the most value out of these ults by first breaking the enemy barrier or by flanking the other team.

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This combination even received a bit of a buff earlier this year as Tactical Visor is now able to target Junkrat's RIP-Tire and Baptiste's Immortality Field, which in the past would have been much harder to deal with as Soldier 76 while in your ultimate.

8 Ana and Reaper

Usually referred to as Beyblade due to the similarities between Death Blossom and a spinning top, the Ana and Reaper ultimate combination was once even more potent due to the speed increase Nano Boost used to offer. Even if the combo did receive a nerf, players are still able to push a team and drop both ults directly onto the enemy with great success, especially at the lower to mid ranks where Reaper is most popular.

This simplicity and effectiveness is mostly a result of Reaper being able to heal himself when damaging others, as this allows him to be nearly invincible when Nano Boosted (due to the added damage resistance).

7 Zarya and Genji

Just like Ana's Nano Boost, Zarya's Graviton Surge can provide the perfect set up for Genji's Dragonblade. As with most Zarya ult combos, this combination is based around the idea of using Grav to group up as many members of the enemy team as possible, to allow Genji's ultimate to kill multiple targets quickly.

If your team wants to be extra sure they can wipe out the opposing team, you can also add in the previously mentioned Nano Blade on top of Zarya's ultimate.

6 Zarya and Hanzo

Zarya's Graviton Surge can also be paired quite well with the other Shimada brother, as firing Hanzo's Dragonstrike into the grouped up enemies will usually kill everyone it passes. Hanzo also has the added benefit of being able to complete this combination from safety, as his ult can move through walls.

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While this combo requires less work than the Dragonblade variation to pull off effectively, it does lack the added clean up provided by Genji, as he will likely still be in his ultimate after everyone in the Grav is dead.

5 Zarya and Tracer

Just like with the last two ult combos, using Zarya and Tracer's ultimates together is all about providing an easy window for Pulse Bomb to damage or kill multiple enemies. Typically this pairing of abilities is referred to as Black Hole, due to the appearance of Grav and the death-dealing potential of Tracer's ult.

Expect to see this combination much more often in competitive in the near future as Tracer's Pulse Bomb will be receiving a damage buff in the next patch, making the Black Hole even deadlier.

4 Zarya and Doomfist

Players have been running the Graviton Surge and Meteor Strike ult combo since Doomfist was first introduced into Overwatch. Since its creation, it has mostly been known simply as Space Jam. This name is a result of how Doomfist uses his ultimate, which launches him up into the air before slamming down onto the enemy team.

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Arguably, this is the easiest of the Zarya combos to pull off successfully, as Doomfist should have no trouble lining up his ultimate with the Grav. However, you will have to remember to keep the enemies inside of the inner ring of the Meteor Strike's impact zone for maximum damage.

3 Sombra and D. Va

In the current state of the competitive Overwatch meta, the D. Va and Sombra ultimate combo is both extremely effective and very common from players who are playing in premade groups. This is because using an EMP on a grouped up enemy team on the point or out in the open will leave them completely vulnerable to the incoming Self-Destruct.

By far the biggest weakness of this combination is the amount of timing needed to pull it off successfully, with the travel time of the mech. Still, as long as you are communicating with each other, you should get the hang of it in no time.

2 Sombra and Reinhardt

Using Sombra and Reinhardt's ults together will not necessarily guarantee the same number of kills as a D. Va Self-Destruct, but it is much easier to pull off. Simply have the Reinhardt position himself as he usually would in front of the enemy while Sombra moves into place, then, once the EMP is used and the unsuspecting team's barrier is down, use Earthshatter.

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For best results, you should make sure that there is at least one other team-mate around to assist with cleaning up the stunned enemies, as Reinhardt's ultimate does not do a ton of damage.

1 Sombra and McCree

As with the last ult combo, using Sombra and McCree's ultimates together is relatively simple, but it is not necessarily going to get you as many kills as some of the other combinations out there. You can position McCree in front of the enemy to use High Noon the second the EMP is used, but this may leave you open to attacks from the other team before you finish the ult.

Instead, if the McCree and Sombra can co-ordinate effectively with their team-mates, they can flank behind the opposing team and surprise them. Doing this is usually the best way to get the most value out of High Noon as a solo player, so combining it with EMP can be devastating.

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