Nerf This: 10 Clutch Overwatch Ults That Can Change The Tide Of Any Fight

Ultimates are the things that often change the course of play - and these are the most useful of them all.

Picture this: it's overtime and your team is within seconds from either losing or winning the round in Overwatch. An enemy D.Va jumps in and drops her bomb, wipes your entire team and secures the point at the very last moment. Ultimates, the most powerful hero abilities in the game that can be charged overtime, are what make or break a fight. If properly used at the right time, or combined with a teammate's ultimate, or even used to counter an enemy's devastating ultimate, they have the power to bring back a losing team. Let's look at the 10 most decisive ultimates you can use to clutch your next Overwatch round.

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10 Barrage

Pharah's ultimate allows her to shoot multiple high damage rockets while being stationary in the air or on the ground, which renders her incredibly vulnerable if her team isn't there to protect her. However, if timed correctly and if the enemy is taken by surprise, a well-placed Barrage can destroy a team's unsuspecting back line and allow your team's front line to move in aggressively. When Barrage is paired with a damage boost from Mercy's staff or Orisa's Supercharger, even better.

9 Tactical Visor

Outlaws' Linkzr's performance on Soldier 76 against Titans in Overwatch League Stage 2 left nobody cold, and goes to show just how powerful this ultimate can be even in the current triple tank meta of Overwatch. Another high damage ultimate, Soldier 76's Tactical Visor locks on to targets automatically and dishes out serious damage if damage boosted similarly to Barrage. Much like Pharah's ultimate, Tactical Visor has the ability to destroy an unsuspecting team's back line and allow the rest of the team to push in, provided the enemy has no defensive ultimates available.

8 Dragonblade

Without a doubt one of the most iconic ultimates in the game, Genji's Dragonblade allows him to slash through his enemies at high speed and damage.

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Typically paired with Ana's Nano Boost to give him that extra damage and health, this ultimate is devastating for a team's back line if not properly punished by stuns, hacks or by a defensive ultimate from a healer. Guaranteed to win games, a smoothly executed NanoBlade can wipe out an ill-prepared team within seconds.

7 Rally

Brigitte's Rally is not one to secure multiple kills, but it can be game-changing in the sense that it can ensure a team's survival when engaging in a fight. It allows your team to tank damage when the enemy is pushing in with an advantage in ultimates and buys you time when needed. Generating 15 armor per 0.5 seconds up to a maximum of 100 armor to those within eight meters of her, Rally's effectiveness has been proven time and time again in-game and in Overwatch League with how much of a must pick Brigitte has become in the past year.

6 Self-Destruct

Like many offensive ultimates, D.Va's Self-Destruct and its success is highly dependent on the context of the match. In some cases, the high damage bomb D.Va launches from her MEKA is a zoning ability that pushes the enemy away from the point or the payload to avoid incoming damage.

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Other times, however, it can completely catch people off guard, resulting in half of the enemy team dying in a blink of an eye when they don't make it to cover in time.

5 Sound Barrier

Lucio's Sound Barrier is a highly precious ultimate in Overwatch due to its defensive nature and capacity to save a team from being completely wiped. Often used to counter ultimates like Dragonblade, Barrage, or Tactical Visor, it can completely negate an incoming high damage ultimate. However, keep in mind that the armor it provides for a small period of time doesn't counter every ultimate and can be negated by Sombra's EMP. In general, it remains a prime lifesaver in the game.


Although Sombra didn't see much use in her first years after release, she's now among the most powerful heroes in the game due to her invisibility and hacking, which can render many high mobility heroes completely useless. EMP allows Sombra to hack everyone in a radius of 15 meters, which is absolutely massive. It can cut enemy ultimates short and prevent tanks like Reinhardt from using their shields. EMP is truly devastating in the right hands, but requires great team synergy to get real benefit from.

3 Earth Shatter

Reinhardt is the bread and butter of tanks in Overwatch and his ultimate is a massive stun that, if not blocked by a shield or natural cover, can stun any enemies caught in its cone-shaped radius for 2.5 seconds.

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This is enough time for your team to secure plenty of kills or even pop a second ultimate to combo it with. Although the cast time for his ultimate is slow, Earth Shatter is among the most valuable ultimates in the game as it can catch multiple targets at once and essentially render them useless.

2 Transcendence

Zenyatta's Transcendence is the second defensive ultimate in Overwatch and has an incredible healing output of 300 per second in a ten meter radius. Transcendence renders Zenyatta completely immune to any damage and stuns and can immediately negate many of the offensive ultimates mentioned at the beginning of this list. Keep in mind, however, that an enemy Ana's Biotic Grenade can nullify Transcendence immediately by denying any of its healing from your teammates.

1 Graviton Surge

Without a doubt, the best ultimate in the game is Zarya's Graviton Surge. For the longest time Zarya has been a strong tank in Overwatch due to the amount of damage she can bring in and her ultimate. Graviton Surge locks enemies into a single clump and when paired with offensive ultimates like Dragonblade or Barrage, it makes for the perfect tide-changing ultimate. Its high versatility is its greatest advantage, as it will fit almost any type of team composition and style of play. Graviton Surge is so highly anticipated in matches that enemy supports will take good care to ensure they have their defensive ultimates available for when Zarya uses her ultimate.

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