• Blizzard has just revealed a new way to create custom game modes in Overwatch. 1 / 10

  • The Overwatch Workshop will allow you to tinker with the game's internal logic and change the way the game feels. 2 / 10

  • The Workshop gives you access to basic programming tools that can change or alter functions in the game. 3 / 10

  • This has already led to players making new game modes, including a version of Counterstrike's Gun Game. 4 / 10

  • The Workshop can also change how heroes play. For example, some players have made it so Mei can slide on the ice that she sprays on the ground. 5 / 10

  • Another user made it so Bastion can be completely mobile while in sentry mode.... which is terrifying. 6 / 10

  • Using the Overwatch Workshop can be a bit difficult, as it requires a bit of knowledge about programming and scripting. 7 / 10

  • Thankfully, there is a tutorial on the Overwatch website which should help ease people into using the Workshop. 8 / 10

  • The Overwatch Workshop is currently only available on the PTR on PC, but it is expected to be released on both the PC and consoles. 9 / 10

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