10 Best Cheats For Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Inlcuded is an excellent survival management simulator that charges you with keeping a group of colonists in the center of an asteroid alive as long as possible. It’s a difficult game that requires a lot of experimentation to meet all of the colonists needs without letting them die, and there are lots of ways to die.

If the game proves too difficult for players to fully enjoy or for those who’ve felt like they’ve mastered the game and are looking for fun things to do, certain cheats can make the game a little more enjoyable or easier to play.

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10 Instant Build

The Instant Build cheat is by far the most useful and can speed up a player’s progress significantly. All cheats required messing with the game’s files by going into the OxygenNotIncluded_Data folder and creating a text file called debug_enable.txt. Once created the player starts up the game and can access the Debug menu by hitting backspace and from there select the desired cheat or use the appropriate hotkey.

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Instant build is CTRL + F4 and can instantly finish any project you’ve outlined or queued, even research. It’s useful for getting a stable base up and running and can instantly finish gargantuan projects that would take a while to complete.

9 Remove Fog Of War

This is by far the most favored and most tolerated cheat amongst players in the game as it reveals the entire map but provides no other advantage. It’s useful for players who want to plan out their bases and can’t or don’t want to take the time to explore every inch of the map with one of their duplicants.

To perform this cheat simply open the debug menu so that the entire map is revealed, save the game with the debug menu still open, close the game, and then when you load it back up the debug menu will be gone and the entire map is revealed without the fog of war creeping in. If you open the debug menu and close it again the fog of war will return, but you can get rid of it using the same method you did before.

8 Copy/Paste

This cheat takes a few more steps but is easily the most overpowered cheat in the game. With the Cell Painter open from the debug menu highlight the object you wish to copy, select the mouse icon with the green check mark. Then highlight a new area, click the copy button, select Clear Selection, and viola you have an exact duplicate of whatever you copied.

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This can be handy for duplicating built machines, water geysers, ruins, or whatever you want duplicated. Even better is the ability to name and save the object so you can paste it whenever you want without having to go through the above steps again.

7 Paint Element

This enables the player to paint in whatever element they want present in the game. By opening the Cell Painter in debug, selecting the element (water for example), select sample, select paint and then highlight the desired tiles. This will paint in the area with whatever element you desire.

It’s a great way to spawn in more water, oxygen, chlorine, or whatever element you need to keep your duplicants alive. It’s advised to keep the painting to a small area as trying to fill in too large of a space can easily crash the game.

6 Spawn Duplicants

Instead of waiting for the next batch of duplicants to be sent through the Printing Pod, players can spawn in their own Duplicants at any time. Simply enter debug mode and select Spawn Minion or hit CTRL + F2. This will create a random duplicant wherever the mouse pointer is so be sure to hover over somewhere safe!

It’s important to know that you can’t control what attributes and abilities the duplicant spawns with, but if you need an extra pair of hands right away and aren’t terribly picky about who you get, this is a great way to add to your numbers.

5 Manual Digging

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of this game is giving a command to your duplicants to dig an area out, setting it to a high priority and then watch them ignore the command. If your duplicants are stressed they may even completely rebel against your directive and the order will never be fulfilled.

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If you’re feeling impatient you can manually dig out the area yourself by entering debug mode and selecting Dig or hitting CTRL + F6. This gives you the power to clear out the space yourself and forgo any frustration waiting for your duplicants to get their act together.

4 Teleport

In Oxygen Not Included exploration and travel is an important part of the game. Granted the game developers did a great job with the pathing system that guides the duplicants along, but if there are a lot of obstacles in their way it can take them a while to get to where you want them to go.

One way to bypass the need to dig a path or wait for them to get to the desired destination is to instantly teleport them there. By opening the debug menu and hitting ALT + O the player can instantly transport their duplicant across the map. It’s also helpful for getting rid of a troublesome creature or isolating a diseased or enraged duplicant that could jeopardize your plans.

3 Super Speed

While the game comes built in with multiple speed settings, some players may wish to speed things up even further. Maybe they have a sustainable base and are tackling a large project that needs little micromanagement or maybe they want to turn on autopilot and watch their base burn.

To speed things up just a little faster, players can open the debug menu and hit ALT + Z. This activates Super Speed mode which is much faster than the vanilla speed options provided in the game.

2 Collect Garbage

There’s nothing worse then watching the refuse pile up in your base and see your duplicants grow sick and add to the mess. If players aren’t careful their duplicants can wind up knee deep in sewage or be buried by the sheer amount of garbage and filth that can build up over time without proper waste management systems.

For the clean freak players out there they can open the debug menu and hit ALT + F3 this cheat called Collect Garbage performs as advertised and can be used to remove all the waste produced by the colony leaving it sparkling clean.

1 Invincible

The standard cheat for any and all games with a health bar. God mode is activated by opening the debug menu and hitting ALT + F7. Your duplicants have now entered god mode and cannot die.

It’s important to note that some users have reported mixed results with this cheat. The duplicant will be always be invulnerable to death, but some players have reported their duplicants still being susceptible to disease, stress, and other negative effects like normal duplicants, they just never die from it. It’s possible this is a bug in older versions of the game. It’s a horrific thought that you can have a colony of duplicants who can be starving, suffocating, drowning and even have organs shut down from disease, but never die.

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