A Game Where You Play As A Sentient Pair Of Women's Underwear Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Panty Party is a parody 3D battle arena game, coming to the Nintendo Switch this spring.

The Nintendo Eshop is slowly turning into Steam, much like how Anakin Skywalker slowly transformed into Darth Vader.

Nintendo used to be highly protective of what they allowed on their digital service, and they were the strictest when it came to censorship. The days of Nintendo caring seem to have ended, as a game called Panty Party will be coming to the Switch in the Spring.

The name Panty Party would suggest that it was some kind of perverted visual novel involving women's underwear, but that isn't the case, as Panty Party is actually a 3D battle arena game where you play as a pair of sentient panties.

Panty Party is actually a parody game that contains no explicit content outside of few images that contain tame fanservice.

The gameplay of Panty Party involves flying around 3D environments and fighting other pairs of underwear with a range of attacks that are different depending on which kind of underwear you are. The player has access to all kinds of attacks, ranging from melee to sniper rifles.

Panty Party is currently available on Steam, where it has received hundreds of reviews ranging from "what am I doing with my life" to "this absolute masterpiece is truly a sign of the times, it's amazing cinematography grips you into this beautiful piece of media. its storyline Is comparable that of the bible or the godfather. its flawless and made me tear up and connect with the characters deeply. a 10 out of 10 perfect game."

The most surprising aspect of Panty Party coming to the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo allowing it on the first place. The Switch has hundreds of games available on the Eshop, which may be Nintendo's way of overcompensating for the lackluster selection of games that were available on the Wii U.

We are also seeing a reversal of policy between Nintendo and Sony, as the PlayStation is currently seeing a wave of censorship in terms of its content, while the Switch is allowing terrible anime-inspired games that were once the purview of the darkest corners of Steam.

Panty Party will be available for the Nintendo Switch sometime in the Spring.

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