• Pathfinder 2e: The 10 Deadliest Classes, Ranked

    One of the first decisions you have to make when creating a role-playing character is determining what class you want to play as. Your character's class can determine their skills, profession and even elements of their personality.

    Although classes follow certain tropes and archetypes, there's still room for nearly infinite customization within each class. Players who want to create combat-heavy characters have a wealth of choices within the Pathfinder system.

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    Take a look at these 10 deadliest classes, ranked from least to most powerful. Perhaps your next character will be a combat-heavy wizard or even a torture specializing inquisitor.

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  • 10 / 10
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    Rogues have always been valued for their skills in the dungeon but they're a heavy-hitting combat class too. Able to silently sneak up on unsuspecting foes, rogues can eliminate enemies in close combat. A high-level rogue deals an incredible 10d6 damage with their sneak attack. Combining that kind of damage output with the skills needed to successfully navigate a variety of adventuring scenarios makes the rogue a well-oiled killing machine.

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    When facing an evil foe there are fewer classes more deadly than a paladin. These Mighty melee warriors are imbued with the power of the divine. Nothing is stronger than a fighter with the power of a God on their side. Though they stand on the side of good, they will not back down from confrontation if they feel their values are being challenged.

    Paladin's also possess the ability to smite evil. The power of their chosen deity rains down upon a chosen enemy, regardless of that enemies strength. As the Paladin increases in level, they gain the ability to smite multiple times per day making them an unstoppable force of good.

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    The Alchemist is more than just a mad scientist. He's an explosive lobbing death machine that commands respect. If you'd like to play a character fascinated by scientific discovery and driven by madness, look no further.

    The Alchemist supports their party with a variety of concoctions and, as if that wasn't enough, they can also enhance their body with mutagens at high levels.

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    Many spell-caster classes are automatically thought of as melee support. Doing so underestimates the ability of a well-trained wizard proficient with combat spells.

    Even the wizards lower power spells, like magic missile, can be extremely helpful. For example, some spells have no chance of missing their target. This guaranteed damage can be a game-changer in some combat situations.

    A wizard with great knowledge of monsters can also summon an exact replica of any beast that he's familiar with.

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    Druids are deeply connected to the natural world around them. They use magic and the power of their environment to create as well as destroy.

    A Druid cannot only control the plants and Earth around them but they also form deep connections with animals. When they can't rely on their own strength in battle, they call to their beast brethren. Having fangs and claws at their disposal makes them a powerful force to be reckoned with.

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    Spell casting is a key component of the druid class. Depending on which school a character chooses, a druid has many powerful and deadly spells at their disposal.

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    Sorcerers are incredibly powerful magic users. They are a diverse character class with many backgrounds and abilities, giving a player almost limitless creative power.

    Sorcerers can conjure and cast unimaginable horrors. Some sorcerers can transform themselves into a disgusting hag, while others can sprout leathery wings and fly during battle. They also have the ability to imbue weapons with black adder venom. That kind of unbridled vicious power makes the sorcerer a formidable foe.

    A sorcerer with polymorphic abilities can become as deadly of the limits of their imagination will allow them to become.

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    There are few combat forces quite like a barbarian. Their innate rage makes them a virtually unstoppable force. It's not uncommon to see a Barbarian confidently take on an opponent that seems far superior in strength and power.

    The barbarian's primal rage also makes this class a fearless warrior and their incredible anger increases their strength and power in battle. Facing and enraged Barbarian is a terrifying fight, from which there is little hope of escape.

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    Any character can be deadly with the right weapon. The brawler's versatility comes from their ability to be deadly even while unarmed. A large high-level brawler can deal d8 damage with their fists alone.

    Brawlers also possess the devastating ability to deliver a blow capable of rendering almost any target unconscious. High-level brawlers have an ability known as awesome blow, which allows the brawler to send their enemy flying 10 feet in the direction of their choice after they've landed a punch. At level 20 this ability becoimes even more powerful.

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    You could argue that the warpriest is the next stage of evolution of the paladin class. A warpriest draws power from a divine being. However, they are not pigeonholed into the role of faithful defender of good. A warpriest can be as evil as they come.

    This class is just as formidable as a paladin but with further enhancements. There are several archetypes players can use to build these characters. They can become the leader of a formidable army, an expert in combat and leadership and an opponent that demands respect.

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    The Inquisitor is yet another Pathfinder class that is fueled by religious fervor. It seems that in the paladin universe, faith is a deadly weapon.

    The Inquisitor is a deft and capable warrior, able to call down literal divine fire upon its foes. They exist for one thing and one thing alone, to suss out the enemies of its faith and vanquish them with the fury of their deity.

    Inquisitors can also specialize their characters by choosing specific inquisition. With focuses on skills like torture vengeance and righteous fury, these inquisition's make this class incredibly dangerous.

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