PAX West 2019: Luigi's Mansion 3 Shows Off A Brand New Demo Of The "Garden-Themed" Level

A few lucky players have had the opportunity to take Luigi’s Mansion 3 for a spin at PAX West 2019. Gamespot’s Jacob Dekker and Michael Higham had the chance to try out a garden-themed level in co-op mode between Luigi and Gooigi, and it is clear to see that the combination of each character’s tool kits will help in solving the mysteries in the game.

From what we have seen so far, each level within Luigi’s Mansion 3 will contain its own unique thematic layout. A spooky garden with overgrown plants and vines works perfectly with the shadows to occult the main objectives of a room. Players will need to clear away this shrubbery to reveal doors, tubes, and other secrets of the mansion.

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Via: gamespot.com

Since the theme is of a garden, there are giant watermelons to move and explosive pineapples to dodge as they tumble down the stairs. Watching the co-op mode reveals the synergy between both Luigi and Gooigi, as the former can open doors while the latter can slip his gooey body through tight spaces to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Inside of what appears to be a large bathroom that has been completely taken over by plants, Gooigi is able to slide through a sewer grate to reach a room below, where there is more to uncover with his toolkit.

The gameplay also showed off how the players will make use of their vacuum in different ways. We have already seen that combat with ghosts will largely depend on hitting them with the beam of your flashlight and then sucking them into the vacuum, occasionally swinging and slamming them into the ground to decrease their stamina. In addition, we saw problem-solving with the giant watermelons. Although they are too heavy to be moved by the players alone, a plunger can be thrown at the watermelon, and then the vacuums can attach to the plunger, allowing not only movement, but full swinging and smashing of other parts of the environment.

Via: gamesradar.com

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One of the most interesting parts of the gameplay video also raises a few questions. We observe Gooigi taking control of a chainsaw to deal with the large overgrowth of vines, but Luigi is the one who starts it up by using his flashlight. Does this mean that tools like a chainsaw will be limited only to co-op play? If so, this would point to a broad variety of ways to complete puzzles and the levels themselves.

For now, everything we have seen from the game is only building up our anticipation. Hopefully, the game delivers on the hype, and we only have two more months to wait before the game formally launches.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be launching exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on October 31.

Source: Gamespot.com

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