New Cyberpunk 2077 Video Gives Players A Look At Live Gameplay

With PAX West kicking off yesterday to loads of excitement, one of the most memorable reveals thus far has been the highly anticipated new gameplay footage for CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077. Though steeped in some controversy, from changing in-game genders to body types and decreasing the gameplay reveal to 15 minutes in length, CDPR has ignored the media, focusing instead on multiplayer possibilities and complete freedom to character creation.

Opening to a woman called "V" entering an ice bath, the reveal doesn't waste any time before dropping viewers into the in-game Matrix. So-called the "Deep Dive Video," the PAX West reveal gave fans an incredibly in-depth look not only at the functionality of the in-game world but also on what sort of tools and people reside within the city's gargantuan underbelly. The video is more like a rollercoaster, showing us small snippets of specific possibilities and events that can occur throughout the game, some of which were already shown at E3.

We're still pretty impressed.


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The video discusses and showcases two "distinct player builds" - that is, ways of playing the game to its fullest potential. Aptly named, the two styles are a "strong solo build," a tough run-and-gunner with a mean punch, and a "netrunner build," a more stealthy hacker-friendly model. Both look exceptionally fun to play with, and one thing we all hope to enjoy is adapting these play-styles in our own unique way.

Despite the fact that the map size is smaller than The Witcher 3's, there's still loads of potential in the dense heart of the game: Night City. Based off of a futuristic Los Angeles with cybernetically-enhanced individuals running rampant, Night City looks to be one of the most interesting draws of the game. Add to that the stunning ray-tracing capabilities of Nvidia's shown off in full view throughout the gameplay footage, Cyberpunk is aiming for Game of the Year 2020.

The Deep Dive also gave fans a more detailed view of character customization, armor, weapons, and more. The Witcher 3 players will recognize the similarities amongst menus, as well as the way character upgrades seem to work. Another returning feature from The Witcher 3 seems to be crafting, the ability to make anything from weapons and bombs to tonics and oils. The possibilities for crafting in Cyberpunk are nearly endless, and the perk upgrades look impressively complex. At least it will have a more humane crunch than its predecessor.

Given that the footage was edited "to contain as few spoilers as possible," as CDPR put it, it's still one wild ride. We're excited to get our hands on this upcoming release, one of many anticipatory titles for 2020. Until April of next year, head back to Novigrad or Skellige and ensure you haven't missed any Blood and Wine side quests. It may not be like hacking into the network or using automatic submachine guns in slow motion, but at least you're playing some good old CDPR.

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