PAX West 2019: Bungie Sneaks In New Destiny 2 Weapons

Bungie has taken the opportunity to show off its new and upcoming content for Destiny 2.

PAX West 2019 is filled with exciting previews of games to come, and Bungie has taken the opportunity to show off its new and upcoming content for Destiny 2, with a couple of exotic weapons found in the player’s Exotics tab.

The first exotic appears to bee a rocket launcher named Deathbringer. Little is known about this right now other than the weapon appears to create Void orbs. As expected, it states its source as an Exotic quest of challenge and reads, “Dark Deliverance: Fires remotely detonated projectiles that drop Void orbs on enemies. Hold (Right Click) to fire, release to detonate.” Players may notice how this is quite similar in theme to Void Gjallarhorn or Dragon’s Breath.

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Via: reddit.com (u/xhelbrechtx)

The second weapon has been described by Reddit user VON_TAR as having no name attached to the LMG, but had a perk that reads, “This weapon fires single shot explosive rounds.” He goes on to describes the weapons as firing similar to an instant linear fusion with no drop-off, resulting in 150 damage to body shots, and instant kill headshots. It is a semi-automatic with three rounds in the magazine.

Via: reddit.com (u/von_tar)

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Given that these weapons are being discovered at PAX West, both items have an unfamiliar tag that is likely reserved for the upcoming Shadowkeep expansion. Deathbringer may be near completion and the first weapon to roll out with the new content considering how it looks to be more complete in terms of its in-game files, while the LMG may be in its early design, considering its lack of an official name.

As one would expect, players may be worried about the power of this LMG in the Crucible and in Gambit, however, with a three-round capacity, it is unlikely to be too overpowered, except by those with precision aim, which is likely intended by design. On the other hand, those times when one is killed seemingly in an instant will only create moments of frustration, and given the recent nerfs to other weapons, the entire design of this unnamed weapon feels counterintuitive.

For now, since the weapon does not even have a name, there are likely to be further developments in design, as Bungie must be aware of how frustrating it would be to release such a weapon into PvP after their recent balance updates.

With that in mind, Shadowkeep launches on October 1st, a mere four weeks away, and we are sure to be seeing more and more information released on the upcoming content.

Destiny 2 is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and soon on the Google Stadia.

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