PAX West 2019: Sukeban Games Shows Off N1RV Ann-A, Sequel to VA-11 Hall-A

It was only recently that I got to play VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action, but it was a game I greatly enjoyed. The game came onto my radar when TheGamer got a chance to review the Switch port. Read the full review here if you want, but basically I found that it effectively used anime tropes to tell a grounded, moving story. Now that I'm sucked into the depressing dystopia of the Cyberpunk Bartender world, I can't wait for the next game in the series: N1RV Ann-A. Fortunately, there's some new footage courtesy of PAX West 2019.

The full title is N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action in keeping with its predecessor. However, it looks like the link ends there. N1RV Ann-A takes place in the same world as VA-11 HALL-A but leaves the first game's characters and dirty city behind. This one happens in an upscale hotel bar on a paradise resort. Thanks to Gamespot, we can see how the fancy new bar changes the game.

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As you can see, the spacious hotel bar allows for more ingredients. Rather than mix the same few artificial items like in the first game, N1RV Ann-A has you mixing actual alcohol. There's also a shaking mechanic that has you swing the mouse back and forth. I imagine the Switch version will have you shake the Joy-Cons.

Also new is an emote system. Cyberpunk Bartender is as much a visual novel as it is a bartending sim, if not more. The first game gave you dialogue and drink choices. Based on how you responded and served your customers, you would unlock different endings. N1RV Ann-A seems to expand on this by letting you control the main character Sam's expressions. Rather than just choose a dialogue line, you get a series of faces to choose from, indicating if you want to be friendly or chastise your patrons.

N1RV Ann-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action is due in 2020 for Steam, PS4, and Nintendo Switch. That gives us just enough time to enjoy the holidays before diving back into the captivating misery of the cyberpunk future.

(Source: Gamespot)

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