PAX West 2019: Final DLC For We Happy Few Teased

PAX West 2019 is always a great place to see new and upcoming projects for games, and Gearbox Software has taken the opportunity to tease the conclusion of its season pass for We Happy Few, which will be titled, We All Fall Down.

From what we can tell, it appears that the plot will continue with the story of Victoria Byng, who happens to be the first character encountered in the game by players. Byng holds a position of importance within the game’s story, holding the position of the Director of the Department of Archives, Printing, & Recycling at the Wellington Wells City Hall, and as such, has a precise image to uphold in the strange society of the game.

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As before, the DLC will be available for individual purchase for about $7.99, or part of the season pass bundle for $19.99.

From the brief teaser we have seen, it appears that the final DLC story will follow in theme and style as the previous releases of content. In the other season pass content, players have experienced stories of characters met through the main storyline and expands on the few and vague bits of worldbuilding of the strange world.

The conclusion of a season pass is in itself a small victory when one considers the development cycle for the original game. It released on Steam through the Early Access program in 2016, and formally launched later in 2018. However, that formal launch was bumpy, at best. Game breaking bugs that could prevent the completion of quests, and thus stall any progress in the game indefinitely, persisted even after being reported during the Early Access period.

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On top of that, the game was first presented in a way that confused players and created expectations that would not be fulfilled. In sum, the game at first appeared to be a sort of first-person action title. However, the developer sought instead to create a game that was more roguelike and survival-based, with only sparse narrative elements. In this way, a game could have reply value based on the difficult survival elements.

Obviously, these two types of games are vastly different, and many players who would enjoy a more casual first-person adventure game balked at the idea of a punishing roguelike title.

Via: compulsiongames.com

Still, the conclusion of a season pass is a good sign, and more than some players expected to see considering the slow response to bugs in the game, of which some are still present from their days in Early Access.

We All Fall Down is set to release soon, but no formal date has been announced.

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