The Switch Port Of Payday 2 May Be YEARS Behind On Updates

It seems that the upcoming version of Payday 2 that is being released on the Nintendo Switch will be demonstrably worse than the other ports for other consoles, as it will be based on a much older version of the game.

A thread on Reddit made this discovery, due to the fact that copies of the Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 were leaked early. The game has since been streamed online, which has given players a chance to find out about the various features that are included in the Nintendo Switch version.


It soon became obvious that the Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 was using a mixture of assets from much older updates of the game. It was later confirmed that the Switch version of Payday 2 was using a version of the 117 update, which is well over two-years-old by now and is fifty-five updates behind the most current version of the game.

The developers of Payday 2 have since responded to the concerns with the version of the game on Reddit. They have claimed that the reason the version of the game is so far behind is due to the difficulties with bringing Payday 2 to an entirely new system. They have also stated that more updates will be coming to the Nintendo Switch version of the game, which means that there may be a point in the future where the Switch port matches the other versions of the game in terms of content.

The hybrid console/handheld nature of the Nintendo Switch is likely the cause of the issues concerning Payday 2, as the game needs to be optimized in order to be playable on the go. This feature alone may be enough to convince players that the portability of the Switch version will make it a worthwhile purchase.

Nintendo had previously bragged about how the Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 comes with a timed-exclusive character, who is a Japanese hacker named Joy. This is a nice benefit, but it would be much nicer if the Switch version of the game was up to date.

The Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 is due to be released on February 23rd in Europe and in North America on February 27th.

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