PaymoneyWubby Goes After Alinity And Twitch Staff In His Ban-Return Stream

PaymoneyWubby made an absolutely explosive return to Twitch after being wrongfully banned and ghosted by staff for 5 days.

PaymoneyWubby made an absolutely explosive return to Twitch after being wrongfully banned and ghosted by staff for 5 days. After being finally unbanned, Wubby decided to return with a comedic skit that was heavily critical of the streaming platform, entitled "I return tonight with the fury of a thousand suns."

Wubby's comeback stream was the equivalent of someone wildly swinging their fists around in a crowded room, taking shots (pun intended – he was also taking shots of vodka throughout) not only at Twitch's higher-ups, but at Alinity's cat situation and Pokimane's recent escape from punishment after her NSFW slip-up.

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Wubby decided to hold nothing back, joking that he would likely get banned again after his scathing criticisms of Twitch's staff. During the stream, he also announced a video coming to his YouTube channel on Sunday, aimed at constructively criticizing Twitch's shortcomings. He revealed that he reached out to other content-creators for comment, but many refused out of fear of losing sponsorships, leading Wubby to label them as "cowards."

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The entire stream – aside from the hilarious introductory sketch – was an emotional, alcohol-fueled rant. He even whimsically agreed to shave his head during the stream, taking a razor to his head at random points throughout. Beneath all of the childish insults and offensive material that was slung throughout, however, his main issue with Twitch was quite understandable.

He conceded that being banned initially – due to their lack of understanding of situation – was reasonable; However, Wubby's main frustration was aimed at Twitch's lack of communication throughout the ban, not to mention their minimal "apology" which was comprised of only a few cryptic sentences. He also pointed out Twitch's hypocrisy, when fellow streamer Pokelawls was banned for briefly showing a butt, while Pokimane went unpunished for showing something far worse.

Perhaps the most shocking moment came when Wubby revealed that he had a long-standing offer on the table from Mixer, but hasn't taken it yet because he wants to work with Twitch. The migration of content-creators from Twitch is becoming routine, begging the question of what exactly the company is doing to combat the growing distance between the platform and its partners.

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