PaymoneyWubby Banned From Twitch For Streaming In Restaurant, Despite Permission

Internet memelord "PaymoneyWubby" has been banned from Twitch following an IRL stream that took place at a restaurant.

PaymoneyWubby Banned From Twitch

Internet memelord "PaymoneyWubby" has been banned from Twitch following an IRL stream that took place at a restaurant.

According to Wubby, he had full permission to stream at the location, leading to yet another confusing ban from Twitch staff. The ban is not permanent, however, as they stated the ban would be in effect for 14 days.

Wubby outlined his perspective in a comment on a post about the the ordeal on the ever-famous "LivestreamFail" subreddit.

If Wubby is correct in assuming that Twitch staff decided to assume his lack of permission, this adds to the pile of examples of how the platform has failed to approach moderation correctly. There is a chance that Wubby might've been trolled by viewers who mass-reported him – which could result in an automatic suspension – but it seems unlikely.

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Wubby clearly has a right to be upset, especially considering he now has almost 200,000 followers on the platform. While he is Twitch streamer on the rise, Wubby is also a prominent YouTuber with a significant following – over 625,000 subscribers. On his channel, he is known to cover a range of controversial topics, often dedicating videos to the criticism of inappropriate or exploitative content creators.

Because of his widespread fan-base, it would be unsurprising if Twitch was quickly pressured into lifting the suspension – unless there was a different reason for them banning Wubby. As it stands, the only reason provided is "Invading the privacy of others," which doesn't make sense considering his approval to stream from the owners of the establishment.

As it stands for Twitch, losing Wubby to another platform such as Mixer or YouTube would be unfortunate for the platform, considering the recent departures of Ninja, Shroud, Ewok, and CouRageJD. The best course of action for Twitch would be to release the suspension immediately, or simply explain why the ban is justified in greater detail; Currently, the only reason provided shows a complete lack of consistency as well as regard for the details of this particular situation.

Sources: Reddit, Twitter

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