PaymoneyWubby Speaks Out Against Twitch Moderators Saying "Twitch Will f**king Destroy Your Career In An Instant"

Popular streamer PaymoneyWubby has spoken out about Twitch's inconsistent brand of moderation.

Twitch has recently been accused by a range of streamers of abusing its power and of unfair and inconsistent bans. In a lengthy NSFW video, which you can see below, PaymoneyWubby discusses the issues with reference to recent events when he was banned from Twitch for five days.

At the time of the ban, Wubby was streaming in a restaurant, where he had the permission of the manager. His video focuses on how this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of bad moderating decisions which Wubby says  "will F**king destroy your career in an instant."

The video opens with a clip from TrainwrecksTV's Scuffed Podcast where Richard Lewis says "Twitch are asleep at the wheel and actually don't really conduct investigations and don't really meet out bans with any rhyme or reason. It just depends which f**king purple hoodie-wearing intern gets your case across their desk and how they feel that day."

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This sentiment is echoed by many on the platform. As Wubby tells his story, we get a glimpse as to exactly what bans mean for creators. After summarizing the events leading to his ban for "invading the privacy of others," Wubby explains that during a ban, the streamer's channel is entirely removed from the platform. This means that not only are they barred from streaming, but no one can find them, let alone watch their VODs. The streamer, themselves, cannot access any of their data or content to try and identify the issue.

Wubby then refers to Twitch CEO Emmett Shear's promise at TwitchCon back in September. As Shear stated, moderation was "improving" and streamers could expect "transparency." Wubby goes on to show how this is far from what is currently happening.

After speaking about the immediate aftermath of his ban, which included having to wait five days for it to be overturned, he begins to get angry about the unfairness of it all.

Velvet_7 Banned On Twitch Accidentally
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Wubby continues to talk about the timing of the ban, which coincided with his (at the time deleted) channel being given a huge shoutout on a collab video he had done -the largest shoutout of his career. He also had issues with a brand deal because of Twitch's mistake. While Wubby has other revenue streams, he is passionate about speaking up for others, especially those who don't have this luxury.

The video further highlights the incredible inconsistencies we've seen in Twitch's moderation, something which is a huge part of why big names have been making the switch to Mixer. He even pulls up a comment from Disguised Toast, a former Twitch streamer who has just left the platform, stating that he believes they would "bend the rules" for him.

It seems that almost two months after Twitch's promise of transparency, its decision making is getting worse. Right now, it really is a matter of time before more and more creators reach a similar breaking point and begin to switch platforms.

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