Peace Island Is The New Game That Lets Players Assume The Role Of A Crime-Solving Cat

Peace Island is the game that allows you to assume the role of mystery-solving cats as they try to figure out where all the humans have gone.

Simulator games have been the surprise hit of the past decade. If there is a job or even animal you would like to assume the role of, chances are there's a game out there that will allow you to do that. Whether it would be a train conductor, a goat, a pigeon, or a theme park owner, there is a simulator out there for you.

Peace Island is a simulator of sorts, but it takes things a step further. The player will be transported to Peace Island, as the name suggests, which is the home to nine different cats. As you can see from the gameplay footage below, you will be able to transfer between different cats, but only when you sidle up to a new cat with the one you're controlling.

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The trailer itself doesn't show off much, barring the footage showing the various cats exploring the area from a third-person angle. The five-minute clip does make the game seem a little uneventful. However, the reason for that is due to the fact all of the humans who previously lived on the island have mysteriously disappeared.

As such, it is the cats' duty to find out what on Earth has happened to the inhabitants of the island. The concept for the game was developed by Eric Blumrich and his team, reports ComicBook. After a successful Kickstarter campaign to get the game off the ground, Peace Island is now in development. You can still donate money via the game's Patreon page which will get you in on the ground floor for its alpha and beta testing.

While a game like this might not be of great interest to us, necessarily, we are now curious to find out what has happened to all the humans who call Peace Island home. However, that curiosity may last a while, as Peace Island currently has no release date. Its developers are aiming for beta testing to begin before the end of 2019. We certainly hope so, as we are eager to take control of these cats and put our mystery-solving hats on.

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