Persona 5: 10 Best Ann Cosplays That Look Just Like The Game

Ann has inspired some of the best Persona 5 cosplays out there. Check out these great ones.

Persona 5 lets players take the role of the protagonist "Joker" who is put on probation and sent to live in Tokyo after being falsely charged for assault. He finds Tokyo to be filled with corrupt adults who use their positions and influences against others, including the characters that become the protagonist's friends. Together Joker and the rest become vigilantes known as the Phantom Thieves of Hearts that use their awakened powers to steal the malevolence from the hearts of corrupt adults.

Ann Takamaki is one of the founding members of the Phantom Thieves. She's considered to be the "moral center" of the group as she questions if the actions of the group can be considered "right". Ann's character design and her story make her one of the most cosplayed characters in the game.

There are tons of great cosplays of Ann out there, here are 10 That Look Just Like the Game!

10 Calssara

Via: Calssara

This amazing cosplay of Ann Takamaki is by cosplayer Calssara and photographed by Captured. Calssara is a cosplayer from Germany who made this and all of her other costumes by hand! She's been an active part of the international cosplay scene for 14 years and has attended several conventions in over 40 different countries as a judge, representative, panelist, and guest!

She did a handful of photoshoots while cosplaying Ann back in 2017 and remarks that it took 4 clip-on ponytails to get the right volume for Ann's hair. That extra bit of work made for an amazing rendition of her!

9 Aishiteraburu

Via: DailyCosplay

This amazingly adorable cosplay by Aishiteraburu is Ann Takamaki in a maid uniform. This maid uniform is one of the various DLC costumes that can be purchased for Ann and was made available with the Maid & Butler costume set that was released in June of 2017. Ann and the rest of the main cast get their own maid or butler outfit that's tailored to suit their personalities.

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Aishiteraburu's Maid Ann photoshoot was done by Dzikan who photographs even more amazing examples of cosplay. You can find more of her photos (including ones featuring Aishiteraburu) here at her Deviantart.

8 Fiona Nova

Via: Fiona Nova

Fans of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter will be familiar with Fiona Nova who is a host, production coordinator, and content creator. Along with being a very talented actor and internet personality, she's also an amazing cosplayer! This gorgeous cosplay of Ann Takamaki as her Phantom Thief alias "Panther" was shot during Acen 2017.

During the Apex Legends Live stream with Geoff Fiona revealed that she studied Fashion Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, which combined with her love of video games lead her to make her own costumes and move onto the cosplay scene.

7 Kei-Otic

Via: Kei-otic

The Persona 5 franchise has a few spinoff games, including a rhythm game called Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight. Players of Persona 4's Dancing All Night will find that it's played the same, only with the main cast of Persona 5. Ann is in the game and along with the other characters she has several new outfits that she wears as she performs during the song.

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Kei-otic's cosplay of Ann in her Dancing In Starlight outfit is lit, especially with the attention detail she paid to recreate Ann's "Fire" top. The neon background of the arcade gives the photo shoot a fun and electric vibe and photographer Andrew Reistroffer captured the perfect shots

6 Aelynn000

Via: Aelynn000

In Dancing In Starlight, all of the characters have different costumes they can wear. Many of these outfits can be unlocked by completing different character's social events. You can also purchase DLC costumes like the Ann one Aelynn000 is wearing in the picture above. Aelynn000 is a hobbyist cosplayer who makes her own costumes by hand!

In her post about Ann's Starlight outfit, she mentions creating the pattern on the pants herself. This isn't the only cosplay of Ann she's done, she has also done Ann in her swimsuit wear and cosplayed as Devil Ann for Halloween. You can see both of these cosplays and more on her Deviantart and here as well

5 Satsu Mad Atelier

Via: Satsu Mad Atelier

After suffering the harassment of Kamoshida and having her best friend suffer at his hands as well, Ann finds the inner strength and resolve to avenge her friend and all of the twisted coach's victims as she summons her Persona Carmen. As a Phantom Thief, Ann becomes Panther and dons a red latex catsuit with a red panther mask and wields a whip as her main weapon.

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Satsu Mad Atelier does an amazing job with her Panther cosplay, showing off Panther's dangerous beauty. Everything from the costume to the place the photo was taken is fitting and amazing.

4 Disharmonica

Via: Disharmonica

The characters in Persona 5 wear several different outfits over the course of the game, including their costumes as the Phantom Thieves, school uniforms, winter and summer wear. Ann and the rest of the girls even wear kimonos during festivals. Disharmonica's lovely rendition of Ann in this yellow kimono isn't one of the outfits she wears in the game, but it suits her just as well.

Disharmonica is a professional cosplayer and has prints and a photobook of this set and more available for sale, though quite a few are ented for mature audiences only.

3 Sheena Duquette

Via: Sheena Duquette

Sheena Duquette's rendition of Ann in her summer outfit is amazing and will make anyone wish for warm lazy summer days once more. Sheena Duquette is a professional animator whose hobbies including cosplaying. This awesome Summer Ann cosplay was taken in 2017 by photographer ExtraNoodlesCo.

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Ann in her summer outfit isn't the only cosplay she's done of her, she also has her in her Panther outfit which you can check out, along with several of her other cosplays, on her Twitter.

2 Ashtilda

Via: Ashtilda

Do you like Persona 5 and the Yakuza series? Ever wished you could somehow combine the two together? Well, even if you didn't Atlus has made it possible to combine both of those (fairly different) fandoms into one! With a DLC costume set, players can purchase the Yakuza costume set for Persona 5: Dancing In Starlight and have the main cast dressed like several main characters from the Yakuza series.

And Ashtilda shows off Ann dressed up as Yakuza's Goro Majima, complete with his signature eye-patch, chest tattoos, and hardhat! It's an interesting choice for DLC content but, at the very least Ann fans are embracing the new fanart and cosplay opportunities it brings.

1 JiJi & Stefanie Stone Cosplay

Via: Acparadise

Just in time for the holiday season is JiJi's festive and amazing cosplay of Ann's Christmas outfit. This outfit is DLC for Persona 5 where Ann and the rest of the main cast get Christmas themed outfits. JiJi is joined by Stefanie Stone Cosplay as Futaba in her own Christmas outfit based on a reindeer. The holiday setting in the background is perfect and despite sporting a pair of horns Ann might be the only devil to make it on Santa's Nice list.

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