Persona 5: 10 Facts You Never Knew About Ann

Overwhelmingly voted as Best Girl by those who have played Persona 5, Ann Takamaki has left an impression on many a player's heart. She seemingly has it all: The looks, the brains (somewhat), the attitude, and she loyally stands up for her friends, who become her family. However, these are all things that are well-known in the Persona community. So how about some little-known facts about the one we all know as Panther?

As Morgana would say, 'it's time to show my stuff!' Or, in this case, Ann's. Here are ten things that you may not know about everyone's favorite girl, from her clothing choices to her ultimate Persona.

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10 She's A Lot Stronger Than She Looks

Not surprisingly, Ann has a lot of fight in her. What is surprising, however, is that despite the fact that she's left vulnerable from her kindness, she still has the will to fight in any situation. Her strength lies in her encouragement and positivity which is only revealed to grow stronger as the game progresses. Though her story starts out tragically, she uses everything she has in order to save her best friend. From a slightly timid second-year to a blazing red Panther, Ann undoubtedly has hidden strength in spades.

9 Her Outfit Correlates To Her Personality

Many wonder why Ann wears such bright red tights as part of her Shujin uniform, as it almost seems out of place for her character. It's implied that this bold color is correlated to her resilience and the fact that since meeting Shiho, she has ceased to care about what others think of her. This pop of color is her way of incorporating her personality into her wardrobe. It could also be a nod to her alternate Persona as Carmen, but that remains to be seen.

8 She's A Scorpio

You wouldn't think that Ann would be a Scorpio, as anyone bearing this sign is known for having cold tendencies. However, it's true and is believed to parallel more with her Persona than with Ann's personality. In legend, Carmen was said to manipulate men and bend their desires to suit her will.

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This, of course, remains in line with the Lover's Arcana under which Ann also falls. Therefore, her Scorpio tendencies come out more so in the Metaverse or in dungeons rather than in her day to day interactions.

7 Her Persona's Life Parallels Her Own Tragic Story

Those who have investigated the folklore and legend behind all the Personas used and their respective characters will likely know this one. There is a strong connection between each Phantom Theif and their Persona, as they call on them to battle in their time of need. For Ann, Carmen appeared to her, likely due to her conflict with Shiho and desire to free her best friend of Kamoshida's grimy hands. Carmen's history involves the manipulation of men and absolute control, which resonates well with Ann's true intentions for Shiho... and any man, for that matter.

6 She's Intended To Take The Role Of The Phantom Thieves' 'Moral Center'

While each character plays a role, Ann's isn't quite obvious until all of the Phantom Thieves have been acquired. Joker is a defacto leader, Makoto is the executive, if you will, Ryuji serves as the muscle, Yosuke the creative, Futaba the tech, and Ann is their moral compass. Throughout the game, players will hear her arguments for morality and doing the right thing, which is usually the careful, fair thing. She's just in her ways and caring in her methods which rounds the group out extremely well. With such a balanced group of characters, it's no wonder so many love Persona 5.

5 Her Panther Attire Is A Nod To An Anime She Watched

Unless you were paying close attention, this might have been something you'd have missed from Ann's dialogue. It's implied that her outfit comes from an anime she'd watched, in which she'd admired a villain who was confident and attractive. This is translated to her (slightly revealing) Panther outfit, which many have remarked is noticeably different in style from the rest of the Phantom Thieves. Traditionally, that's just Ann's style, though -- she doesn't mind standing out because she never really tried to fit in.

4 Yukari Takeba (Persona 3) Is Intended To Be Her Complete Opposite Despite Sharing The Lovers Arcana

Hardcore Persona fans will recognize the name Yukari from Persona 3. While all the games have a similar premise with a group of high schoolers taking on adult-level challenges, many have noticed a similarity (or contrast, in this case) between the characters used in each game.

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Yukari is the exact opposite of Ann in Persona 3, and this is completely intentional. Despite the fact that they both share the Lovers Arcana, they're intentionally designed to be complete opposites as characters so as to display contrast.

3 Hecate, Her Ultimate Persona, Resonates With Her Strength

Those who follow Greek mythology are likely familiar with the goddess Hecate, who ruled over all things witchcraft and magic. While this doesn't necessarily have a direct correlation with the Lovers Arcana as Carman does, it does correlate with Ann's own personal growth throughout the game. As her strength increases, both mentally and physically, her ultimate Persona reflects that. As in mythology, Hecate has power both mentally and physically, as does Ann.

2 Ann Is Considered A Dandere, Despite Her Outgoing Nature With Her Friends

In Japan, a Dandere is basically a shut-in. This would be the quiet girl in anime who doesn't speak much but is kind-hearted and good-natured, which would also be descriptive of Ann's character. While she starts out quiet and shy, she's truly pure-hearted and believes the best in people. She might be outgoing around her friends and those who care about her but when it comes to being on her own, she's quite suppressed and not very talkative. In addition, she's also considered the protector of innocence and a tragic anti-heroine.

1 Her Heritage Is Strongly Depicted Through Her Name, Both First And Last

Though the spelling of her name is often Ann, using the name Anne wouldn't necessarily be wrong. Anne is a name derivative from Finland, echoing Ann's heritage in the game. She stands out due to her uber blonde hair and super blue eyes, something that's touched on in the game dialogue as well. Her last name has a connection to Finland as well, as the name Takamäki translates to 'behind something there is a hill'. That doesn't necessarily mean anything in the game but leaves no question as to where she's from.

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